Batch Testing

 Batch Testing or Batch Execution

Executing a group of Tests or series of tests  at a time is known as Batch Testing or Batch Execution. For performing Batch Testing, QTP is providing a separate Tool called Test Batch Runner.

Steps for Batch Testing:

1). Create Individual Tests and Run once.

2). Open 'Test batch Runner' Tool and Form Batches.

3) Provide permission to  'Test batch Runner' to run tests

4). Run or Execute Test Batches from Test Batch Runner.

5) View Test wise Result in 'Test Result Viewer'.

Note: QTP doesn’t provide Batch wise result.

Forming a Test Batch:

Launch Test Batch Runner.

Navigation: Start>program>quicktest professional>Tools>Test Batch Runner>File>new>batch>add>browse path of the test (like this add number of tests)>save with MTB extension (Module test batche)>close test batch runner.

Running or Executing a Test Batch

Open Test Batch Runner Tool

Navigation: File>open>browse path of the test batch>batch>run

Note: Test Batch Runner launches QTP Tool, QTP runs Tests one by one.

Note: Allowing other products to Run Tests.

Navigation: Tools>Options>Run>check allow other mercury products>apply & Ok

Executing partial Test Batch

Open Test Batch Runner >open Test Batch>Select or deselect tests>run test batch.


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