VB Script for QTP

VBScript For QTP

VBScript Tutorial 1 Video

(Scripting Languages Vs. Programming Languages, VBScript Fundamentals & Features.)
VBScript Tutorial 2 Video

(Comments in VBScript, VBScript Data Types and VBScript Variables Part-1)
VBScript Tutorial 3 Video

(VBScript Variables Part-2, Constants, Operators in VBScript Conditional Statements Part-1)
 VBScript Tutorial 4 Video

(VBScript Conditional and Loop Statements.)
 VBScript Tutorial 5 Video

(VBScript User defined Functions and VBScript Built in Functions Part-1)
VBScript Tutorial 6 Video

(VBScript Built in Functions Part-2 and File System Operations Part-1)
VBScript Tutorial 7 Video

(VBScript File System Operations Part-2)
VBScript Tutorial 8 Video

(VBScript Excel Application Operations) 
VBScript Tutorial 9 Video

(VBScript Excel file operations Part-2, VBScript Database  Objects and Dictionary Object.)
VBScript Tutorial 10 Video  

(Error Handling in VBScript, Debugging Scripts)

Scripting Languages Vs Programming Languages

VB Script Statements

VB Script Methods

VB Script Keywords



Do you provide video tutorials for VB script ?

Sir, You are truly a gem. you have such a nice explanation skills. I will surely take classes from you, in the near future.
Shipra Alapuria
Please do update , if you start a manual testing session.

hello sir ,
this is nived,i am unable to add objects into object repository for web based application.hera ia m using IE as browser

Dear Mr. Reddy, this site has been extremely helpful. I was able to quickly refresh as well as learn new things posted on your site. Really good, comprehensive & helpful examples on each topics. Thank your very much for this. Prashant Sawant - Thane.

Hello Sir,
Can you please tell me how to compare 2 pages using vb scripting? I want to verify the html innertext and Html Outertext of the objects that in the pages.

Thank you so much for adding great videos, I can understand the topics so easily

thank you.. please update more.

Dear Sir, your explanation is very good for beginners like me who like to learnt automation testing. This video is very helpful.

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