QTP Job Responsibilities

QTP Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities may vary from one company to another, but I am covering this topic by considering several companies approach.

QTP Knowledge for Fresher or below 1 Year Experienced

  • Basic Understanding of Functional Test Automation
  • Good knowledge on QTP IDE (Object Identification, Object Repository, Step Generator, Data Table, Checkpoints, Output values, Actions, Recovery scenarios etc…)
  • Good exposure in VB Script Fundamentals & Features like; Variables, Operators, Flow Control Statements, Procedures (Built-in as well as User defined), File System Operations, Excel file Operations, Database Operations Etc...
  • Good knowledge in Test Object Model, Recording Tests and Descriptive Programming.
  • Idea on Test Automation Framework implementation
  • Ability to create and execute Tests

I) 1+ Years Experience in Test Automation using QTP

  • Understanding Test Requirements and analyzing the Application
  • Generating Tests (Test Scripts) using QTP
  • Debugging Tests and Fixing errors
  • Executing/Running Tests
  • Defect Reporting & Tracking
  • Test Reporting

II) 2+ years of Experience in Test Automation using QTP

  • Creating Automation Resources such as Object Repositories, Function Libraries etc...
  • Handling duplicate objects and dynamic objects using index property and Regular expressions.
  • Collecting Test Data for Data Driven Testing
  • Creating Tests/Test Scripts using keyword driven methodology or descriptive programming
  • Debugging and Running Tests
  • Analyzing Test Results
  • Defect Reporting and Tracking using Quality Center or any Defect Management Tool
  • Test Reporting
  • Modifying Tests and performing Re & Regression Testing

III) 3+ years of Experience in Test Automation using QTP

  • Understanding and Analyzing the Application Under Test in terms of Object Identification
  • Creating Test scenarios and Collecting Test Data
  • Identifying end to end scenarios and modularity
  • Implementing Automation framework and developing automation infrastructure
  • Creating reusable components
  • Creating and enhancing Tests/Test Scripts using Keyword driven methodology or Descriptive programming
  • Using Regular expressions and Environment variables
  • Defining and exporting Test Results.
  • Creating Data driven Tests and Running through framework

IV) 4+ years of Experience in Test Automation using QTP

  • Selecting or Identifying areas/test cases for Automation
  • Designing & Implementing Test Automation Strategy
  • Creating Automation Test Plan and getting approvals
  • Configuring QTP Tool settings, Object Identification and globalizing the settings
  • Creating, Storing,  Organizing, and managing Test Automation Resources
  • Creating, Enhancing, debugging and Running Tests
  • Organizing, monitoring defect management process
  • Handling changes and performing Regression Testing
  • Finding solutions for Object Identification issues and error handling issues
  • Co-coordinating team members and Development team in order to solve issues.
  • Interacting with client side people to solve issues and update status


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