QTP Certification Questions-17

91) An ........ assigns a numerical value to a test
object that indicates its order or location relative to
other objects with an otherwise identical description
(objects that have the same values for all properties)
A) Index identifier.
B) ordinal identifier.
C) SMART ID identifier.
D) original identifier.
92) You can add an object to the local object repository
only if that object does not already exist in a shared
object repository that is associated with the action. If
an object already exists in an associated shared object
repository, you can add it to the local object
repository using the ........ option.
A) Copy from Shared Repository
B) Copy from Shared Object Repository
C) Copy to Local
D) Copy to Local repository
93) You can copy, paste, and move objects in the local
object repository using the Object Repository window,
and copy, paste, and move objects both within a shared
object repository and between shared object repositories
using the Object Repository Manager. But you cannot copy
objects from a shared object repository to the local
object repository to modify them locally
A) True
B) False
94) At the time of copying, pasting and moving objects,
you cannot move an object to any of its descendants.
A) True
B) False
95) When you remove a step from your test, its
corresponding object is also removed from the object
A) True
B) False
96) You can use the Find and Replace dialog box to
replace property or object names.

A) True
B) False
97) The Object Repository window is ...... during record
and run sessions
A) read-only
B) read-write only
C) read-write and enable
D) None of above
98) In the Associated Repositories tab of the Action
Properties dialog box, the ......object repository is
always listed first and cannot be moved down the
priority list or deleted.
A) local
B) shared
C) Both
D) None
99) In the Associated Repositories tab of the Action
Properties dialog box, although we can order the object
repositories according to our choice except the fact
that Shared Repository remains the first one and cannot
be removed.
A) True
B) False
100) If your object repositories are stored in the file
system and you want other users or Mercury products to
be able to run this action on other computers, you
should set the file path as a
A) Absolute path
B) relative path
C) both
D) None of above

91) B, 92) C, 93) B, 94) A, 95) B, 96) B, 97) A, 98) A,
99) B, 100) B


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