QTP Tips

Performance Tips for QTP Scripts

I would suggest some performance tips in order to increase QTP Performance.

•    Do not load unnecessary Add ins, they reduces QTP tool performance.

•    Try to avoid using of Active screen feature, so that we increase QTP Tool performance.

•    Make sure your global object sync-time is set to 10 sec. (file->settings->run).

•    Make sure to time limit .exist commands (e.g. use .Exist(0) ).

•    Make sure your code doesn't wait for an event which has already occurred
   For example, if you're in a wait loop for a window to show, don't always wait for 40 sec.
   Instead, wait until 40 sec. have passed OR until the window appears.
   This way if the window appears after 5 sec., you won't waste the other 35 sec.

•    Disable smart identification if possible.

•    Switch to fast run mode (tools->options->run).

•    Don't use the video record option unless you must (tools->options->run).

•    If your test results are flooded with hundreds of useless messages, use the filter property to block Split long code segments into external functions / multiple actions

•    Run the scripts on a strong machine - Recommended 1.5GB RAM, P4 3GHz (a core-due or a quad processors core would be much better).

•    Increase the usage of reusable components (either Actions or Functions) in order to reduce the size of the code.


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