QTP Tool Features Vs VB Script Features
 QTP has an Integrated VB Script Engine for Scripting and SQL Engine for Database operations.
QTP IDE has provided several features for Creating & Executing Tests.
In QTP, Creating Tests can be performed in two stages

a) Generating Basic Tests

b) Enhancing Tests
For creating  basic tests QTP has provided 2 methods one is Object Repository
based Test design another is Descriptive Programming.
For Enhancing Tests we can use either QTP Tool features like Checkpoints, Output values, Transaction points, Synchronization points, Data Table etc.. 

Or We can use VB Script features like Flow Control Statements, Functions (Built-in and User defined), Automation objects etc...
Try to increase the usage of Vb Script features and reduce the usage of QTP Tool features.

QTP Tool Features
VB Script features
QTP has 2 types of features support
1) Direct features
Ex: Recording, Checkpoints, Output values, Step Generator, Object Repository, Object Spy, Data Table  etc…
2) Integrated tools from HP
Password encoder, Test Batch Runner, Test Results Deletion tool etc…
VB Script has several
Ex: Operators, Flow Control Statements, Functions (Built-in and User defined), Regular Expressions, Automation Objects (File System Object, Excel Application Object, Word Application Object, Database Connection Object, Database Record set object etc...), Error handling Statements etc…
QTP Tool features may corrupt
(may corrupt or may not corrupt but there is a possibility to corrupt.)  
VB Script features won’t corrupt.
Readymade environments have limitations (We cane use features based on provided options only)
Programming / Scripting Logic doesn’t have any limitation.
QTP tool features or slower in execution. (QTP has maintain registry files for its features, so burden on QTP Tool)
VB Script features are faster in execution (QTP no need to maintain registry files for VB script features, so no burden on QTP Tool)
Some Tool features can’t be used externally.
All VB script features can be used Internally as well as Externally.

Note: Depend on QTP Tool features only for Generating basic tests, use VB Script features for enhancing Tests.

Basic Test: basic test / test script means plain navigation.

Enhancing Tests: Enhancing tests means inserting verification points an error handling statements.


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