Manual Testing

Manual Testing Step by Step Tutorials 
Software Development Life Cycle, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques, and Software Test Process / Software Test Life Cycle. System Testing, Functional & Non-functional Testing, and Software Quality Standards. Software Test Planning, Software Test Design, Software Test Execution, Software Test Closure, and Maintenance Testing.

II) Software Environment

     I-Tier Application

      II-Tier Application

      III-Tier Application

     N-Tier Application

III) SDLC Models


        Waterfall Model

        V Model

        Prototype Model

        Spiral Model

        Agile Model 

IV) Test Levels

       Unit / Component Testing

       Integration Testing

       System Testing

       Acceptance Testing

V) Test Types

VI) Test Design Techniques

       White Box Testing

       Black Box Testing

       Experience Based Techniques

VII) Software Test Process (STLC)

       a) Test Planning
       b) Test Design
       c) Test Execution
       d) Test Closure 

VIII) Test Documents
     a) Test Policy
       b) Test Strategy Document
       c) Test Plan Document
       d) Test Scenarios
       e) Test Case Document
       f) Defect Report
       g) Test Metrics Document
       h) Test Summary Report

IX) Informal Testing

X) Quality Standards 

      a) ISO

      b) IEEE

      c) CMM/CMMI

XI) Software Business Domains 

       a) Banking Domain

         b) Insurance 

         c) ERP

         d) Telecom

         e) Healthcare

         f) E-commerece

         g) Retail Market

         h) System Software

XII) Manual Testing Interview Questions

Click on below Links for Interview Questions

Web Testing Checklist


Introduction to Manual Testing



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