QTP Training FAQ

UFT (Formerly QTP) Online Training FAQ

1) What is the duration for UFT Online Training Program?

A) 70 Hours (Live sessions), if it is Weekday Program (Monday to Friday) daily 2 hours, 35 working days.

2) What is the Fee structure for this program?

A) 350 US Dollars

3) Is there any installments?

A) No, One time payment

4) What are the per-requisites for attending this program?

A) Manual Testing Concepts, Programming Fundamentals, and Database Fundamentals.

5) Do you provide Software for practice?

A) You can download UFT 30 days Trail version from HP Website, We provide that link and installation details.

6) Do you Provide any Video recorded classes?

A) Yes, but Videos only for streaming, not for Download.You can watch every class Video for 10 days only.

7) Do you provide access for Videos whenever required?

A) No, but you can join in our Live sessions with free of cost within Two years.

8) If we want to attend live sessions once again, do you provide access?

A) Yes, Once you pay the fee 350 US Dollars for UFT Online Training Program, you can attend multiple times within Two Years with free of Cost.

9) Is this program covers only Basics or Advanced also?

A) It is Basics to Advanced Program, we Cover UFT Fundamentals and features, VBScript, QTP Scripting, and Automation Framework Design & Implementation, and Quality Center. It is suitable for Beginners as well as advanced.

10) Is it Scripting oriented program?

A) Yes, ours is Scripting Oriented program, we cover Flat file scripting, Excel scripting, Word scripting, Database scripting, GUI scripting and Web scripting.

11) How you provide Online training?

A) We use Webex for Desktop sharing, and Skype for Voice. You no need to install Webex, we send Webex invitation link daily basis.

12) What about UFT material?

A) We provide Class room notes (Rough notes), as well as fair Notes by your Email daily basis.

13) Is it interactive program?

A) Yes it is interactive program, you can ask questions and answer trainer questions.

14) Do you give any Assignments?

A) Yes, we give some assignments onUFT Tool features and scripting topics.

15) What version of QTP do you use in the Training Program?

A) QTP 12.00 (Latest Version)

16) What are the topics that you cover?

A) You watch our Brochure




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