Manual Testing Interview Questions

Manual Testing Interview Questions

QA:It is process oriented
      it involves in entire process of software development.
      Prevention oriented.
     It is product oriented.
     work to examine the quality of the product.
     Detection oriented.

2) what is a bug?
Mismatch in Software Application

3.what is a test case?
Testcase is set of input values, execution preconditions,expected results and execution post conditions, developed for a particular objective or test conditons, such as to exercise a paticular program path or to verify compliance with a specific requiremnt.

4) What is the purpose of test plan?

Test plan document is prepared by the test lead or team lead,it contains the contents like introduction,objectives,test strategy,scope,test items,program modules user procedures,features to be tested features not to tested approach,pass or fail criteria,testing process,test deliverables, testing, tasks, responsibilities,resources,schedule, environmental requirements, risks & contingencies,change management procedures,plan approvals,etc all these things help a test manager understand the testing he should do &
what he should follow for testing that particular project.

5) what is basis for testcase review?
the main basis for the test case review is
1.testing techniques oriented review
2.requirements oriented review
3.defects oriented review.

6)what are the contents of SRS documents?
System requirements specifications and Functional requirements specifications.

7)what is Regression testing?
After the Bug fixed ,testing the application whether the fixed bug is affecting remaining functionality of the application or not.Majorly in regression testing Bug fixed module and it's
connected modules are checked for thier integrity after bug fixation.

8) what is build duration?

it is a tine gap between old version build and new version build  in new version build some new extra features are added
9) What is test deliverables?

Test deliverables are nothing but documents preparing during testing like test plan document  test case docs bug reports etc..

Test deliverables will be delivered to the client not only for the completed  activities ,but also for the activities, which we are implementing for the better productivity.(As per the company's standards)

1.QA Test Plan
2.Test case Docs
3.QA Test plan, 

if we are using Automation.
4.Automation scripts
5.QA Coverage Matrix and defect matrix.
6.Traceability Matrix
7.Test Results doc
8.QA Schedule doc(describes the deadlines)
9.Test Report or Project Closure Report.(Prepared once we rolled out the project to client)
10.Weekly status report(sent by PM to the client)
11.Release Notes.

10) If a project is long term project , requirements are also changes then test plan will change or not? why?

Yes..definitely. If requirements change, the design documents, specifications (for that particualr module which implements the requiremnts) will also change. Hence the test plan would also need to be updated.



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