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Test Case Documentation

Test Scenario:
 A document specifying a sequence of actions for the execution of a test. (IEEE)

Test Case:
One or more input values, execution preconditions, steps for execution, expected results and execution post-conditions, developed for a particular objective or test condition.

Test Data:
Data that exists before a test is executed, and that affects or is affected by the component or system under test.

Generate Test Scenarios for Internet Banking Application

AUT (Application under Test): Internet Banking System

Module: Personal Banking

    Personal Banking
        i) Launch Personal Baking Home Page
        ii) Login Operation
        iii) Balance Inquiry
        iv) Fund Transfer
        v) Generate Mini statement
        vi) Detailed Report
        vii) Utility Payments
        viii) Service Requests

Sample Test Case Template:

i) Test Case Id: a Unique name/number (Alfa-numeric)

ii) Test Case Name: Name of Test Case

iii) Test Suite ID: Unique name/number (Alfa-numeric)

iv) Pre-Condition: Status before Test Case Execution

v) Steps: Steps for Executing the Test Case

vi) Post-Condition: Status After Test Case Execution

vii) Expected Result: Expected Result as per Requirements

viii) Actual Results: <After Test Case Execution>

ix) Test Results: <After Test Case Execution and After Comparison of Expected with Actual Results> Pass / Fail

x) Remarks: Comments (Optional)

Note 1: You prepare this Test Case Template in Excel Sheet

Note 2: Test Case Template may vary from one company from another and one project to another.

Note 3: In the above template Actual Results and Test Results fields can be filled in Test Execution phase, Remaining fields in Test Design phase.

a) Test Case for Login Operation in E-Banking System

i) Test Case Id: IBS_PB_TC001

ii) Test Case Name: Verify Account Holder Login Operation

iii) Test Suite ID: PB001

iv) Pre-Condition: Existence of Personal Banking Login Page

v) Steps:
    i) Enter Valid User Id
    ii) Enter Valid Password
    iii) Select Start in (default: Accounts)
    iv) Click on Login Button

vi) Post-Condition: Personal Banking Page (Logout Required)

vii) Expected Result: Lunches Personal Banking Page with available services.

viii) Actual Results: Personal Banking Page Launched with requires services

ix) Test Results: Pass

x) Remarks: Comments (Optional)



Write Negative Test cases for Login Operation in E-Banking System

a) Invalid User ID and Invalid Password

b) Invalid User ID and Valid Password

c) Valid User ID and Invalid Password

d) Blank User ID and Valid Password

e) Valid User ID and Blank Password


Can any one provide Test Case template for Database Testing?

How to write test case for buying something online??

Thank you sir,your Teaching skills is super

You need to start from starting of login to that website and till log out whatever you can do you just have to write that scenario first then you implement in the test case

i)Test case Id:IBS_PB_TC001
ii)Test case Name:verify Account Holder login Operation
iii)Test Suite ID:PB001
iv)pre-Condition:Existence of personal Banking Login page
1.Enter Invalide user Id
2.Enter Invalide password
3.select start in (default:Accounts)
4.click on login Button
vi)post-Condition:open the error massage
vii)Expected results:faill.
viii)Actual results:faill.
ix)Test Results:faill
x)Remarks:first ican enter the Invalide Username and in valide password
click on the ok butten they will display the erroer massage so this test case is failled

can u provide test case for add beneficiary till u get confirmation for valid acc.no. if mean how to do confirmation check manually

Hello sir
Can you please provide me the crm application based test cases

can anyone provide E-comm related testcases like flipkart..., amazon,,etc..

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