Oracle FAQ

Oracle Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is PL/SQL?

PL stands for Procedural Language, It is an extension of Sutured Query Language (SQL).

PL / SQL is a combination of SQL along with the procedural features of programming languages and It was developed by Oracle Corporation to enhance the capabilities of SQL.

2) What is PL/SQL Engine?

Oracle RDBMS uses a PL/SQL engine to processes the PL/SQL instructions and it can be stored in the client system (client-side) or in the database (server-side).

3) What are the Sections of PL/SQL Program?

A PL/SQL Block can be consisted of three sections:

    The Declaration section (optional).
    The Execution section (mandatory).
    Error handling section (optional).

4) What are the advantages of PL/SQL program?

User can use Flow control statements (Conditional and Loop Statements)

High performance

It handle errors effectively

5) How declare Variables in PL/SQL?


Variable_Name Data type (size)


Price number (10)


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