SQL Step by Step Guide

Software Testing Videos (Manual, Selenium, UFT, SQL, and Java)

SQL Step Step Guide
SQL Introduction
(SQL History, Purpose of SQL, SQL Language Elements, and Subsets of SQL, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, and Data Control Language)

Overview on Databases
(Introduction to Data, Databases, Table, and Records. Types of Database Management Systems, and Relational Database Management System. Overview of Oracle RDBMS, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and IBM DB2)

Data Definition Language (DDL)
(Data Definition Language Commands and Operations, Create Databases, Tables, and Other Database Objects. Alter Database Objects, Drop Database Objects, and Rename Database Objects.)

Data Manipulation Language (DML)  
(Data Manipulation Language Commands and Operations, Insert new Records, Update Records, Retrieve specific Data, and Delete Records.)

Data Control Language (DCL)

SQL Data Types

SQL Operators 

SQL Functions 

SQL Queries and Sub Queries

SQL Queries 

SQL Joins 

SQL Views


SQL InterviewQuestion -1

SQL InterviewQuestion -2
SQL For Testers
SQL For,

1) Database Developers

Database Developers Design and Deploy Database Table Structures, Forms, Queries, and Reports Etc...

2) Database Testers

Database Testers verify Data Integration, Data Manipulations, and Data Comparisons.

3) Database Administrators

Database Administrators manage Database Access, Write Reports, Documentation, and Operating manuals.
SQL Brochure (SQL Learning Objectives)

SQL Videos


Is It mandatory to learn SQL for Database Testing?

Is SQL supports Conditional and Loop Statements are not?

What is the difference between SQL and SQL Server?

SQL is a Language to perform data related operations

SQL Server is RDBMS

is SQL commands are common for all Database Management Systems lik SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and MySQL etc..?

SQL first developed by IBM in 1970s and it is free software.

What is the difference between SQL and PL SQL?

How to retrieve data from multiple Tables?

Using Joins data can be retrieved from multiple tables.

Hi Sir,

Is it compulsory to have the relation between the two tables to fetch the data (or) No Need..??? And With out relationship cant we join the two tables...???

Yes there needs to be column
in common for joining two tables


What is the use of environment in testing

Hi sir,

This is Brahmareddy, may i get step by step process of database testing in Manual,Automation(UFT),Performance testing

please can u upload Sql videos sir

There are two ways to retrive data from multiple table,
1)Using Set Operators- union,union all , ,intersect and minus.
2)Using joins.

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