Bangalore Transport Corporation

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC)
The Bengalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is the agency that operates the public transport bus service in Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore), India.


In 1997, BMTC was spun off from the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation in order to focus exclusively on Bengaluru's rapidly expanding transit needs. The Bengaluru Transport Service became Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation and the colour scheme was changed from Red to a Blue and White combination.
BMTC remains a division of KSRTC. The profits earned by BMTC are used to offset the losses incurred by the NWKRTC and NEKRTC divisions of KSRTC.

Types of buses:

1. Blue and White:

These buses have been around for ages and the rolling stock is commonly of Tata or Leyland make. Buses of this color scheme that have been introduced after 2001 have pneumatic doors as standard equipment.

2. White and Blue:

The Parisara vahini ordinary buses introduced between 2002 and 2008 with pneumatic doors. The vendors include Eicher Motors, Tata and Leyland.

3. Blue buses:

The new ordinary buses under the JNNURM scheme with low floors and LED boards.

4. Suvarna:

Silver colored with pink lining. The fare on these buses is a Rupee higher for the first three stages in comparison to the ordinary buses, and from then on, the fares are similar. They carry LED route display boards and come with a more stable suspension compared to the previous generation of buses.

5. Pushpak:

Launched in the late 90's as a slightly premium service, these single door bus may run with or without conductors. The Driver may also function as a conductor (janapriya vahini). They are Coffee colored with fares equal to The Suvarna buses.

6. Vajra:

Hi-tech, low-floor, air-conditioned buses from Volvo. They were initially put into service on the IT corridor, but are now running regularly between almost all residential routes as well. The fares are higher, by a factor of about 1.5 to 3 in comparison to the ordinary buses.

7. Vayu Vajra:

Volvo buses to airport operated from 12 routes. They can be identified by the "BIAS" logo on their Route Display Boards.

8. Atal Sarige: Low-cost buses with single seats along the windows and LED display. They sport the Tri-color outside.

9. Marcopolo:

AC buses from Tata have been introduced on routes not covered by Volvo at present.

10. Big 10:

Connects important neighborhoods and obviates the need to use transit hubs, brilliant green coloring with the Big10 logo.

Big 10 arterial roads-junctions (pic courtesy: ABIDe)

11.Big Circle:

Runs on the Outer Ring Road(ORR) of Bengaluru. Distinctly colored with "BigCircle" written all over.

Major bus stations:

1. Kempegowda Bus Station: This is right opposite the city railway station. Bus services are available to the entire city from here. BMTC has a depot here (Depot 7).

2.K. R. Market: Another important bus station located in an area with many private bus services. Buses are available to all parts of Bengaluru besides far off Anekal and Hosur.

3. Shivajinagar: Located in one of Bengaluru's commercial areas and about 2 kms from Bengaluru Cantonment Railway Station.

4. Shantinagar: Near the Central office of KSRTC and BMTC. Tamil Nadu-bound Deluxe buses of SETC TamilNadu and KSRTC start from here. BMTC Depot 2 and Depot
3 are located here. It is well connected to South and South East Bengaluru and the Majestic and Shivajinagar areas.

5. MCTC: Located on Mysore road. Well connected to Mysore road, Vijayanagar and Chamrajpet apart from Market and Majestic. Buses bound to Mysore and
ordinary/express buses towards Tamil Nadu and Kerala start from here.

BANGALORE: The next time a BMTC bus driver does not switch off his engine while waiting at the traffic signal, it might spell his doom. For, 11 mobile teams are on the prowl in the city to keep an eye on the drivers' performance and apprise the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) of the same.

With focus on conserving fuel, the teams will watch out whether the drivers keep their machines idling or switch them off at the signal lights. Idling means keeping the bus engine operational when the vehicle is stationary and not lugging any load.

Right now, idling happens mostly at traffic signals. Though we have given specific instructions to our drivers to switch off their vehicles when the signals turn red, some drivers still are not following the same. We conduct regular workshops to get drivers improve their skills, which will in turn help us to save on fuel consumption," said Anjum Parwez, MD, BMTC.

 And this is the need of the day, given that a recent study conducted by Clean Air Asia (CAI) has revealed that by reducing the daily idling time of a single bus by 10 minutes, BMTC can look at saving 100 litres of fuel per day. This would mean that the corporation stands a chance to save up to Rs 3 crore for its entire fleet annually. The current daily idling time for a BMTC bus is 45 minutes.

This figure can improve further with driver training, data collection, analysis and maintenance - all this put together can get a savings of almost Rs 23 crore for BMTC, the study notes.

This fact assumes importance given that the Association of State Road Transport Undertakings annual report has stated that fuel costs accounted for almost 35% of a bus corporation's expenses.

As part of the study, CAI examined the fuel efficiency and operational parameters of over 700 buses running on city and inter-city routes and belonging to the BMTC, Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and State Express Transport Corporation of Tamil Nadu.

The study, conducted in association with the Shakti Foundation, looked into energy conservation. "The detailed study reveals that a number of facts are vital to the health of mass public transport in the country. It shows that minor interventions alone can substantially reduce the cost of fuel for state road transport corporations," said Parthaa Bosu, India Representative of Clean Air Asia. He addeed that there are short and long term measures that can be implemented to get the desired results.

Clean Air Asia:

* Promotes better air quality and livable cities by translating knowledge to policies and actions that reduce air pollution and greenhouse emissions from transport, energy and other sectors

* Was established as leading air quality management network for Asia by Asian Development Bank, World Bank in 2001

* Has been independent non-profit organisation since 2007

BMTC Fleet

Buses 6,500

Trips by every bus per day 20

Daily idling time 45 minutes

For 35 minutes idling time

Diesel saved per day 100 litres

Annual saving Rs 3 crore

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation

AUM Infotech is a Consortium Partner with SIEMENS

Contributions are the following for this project:

On site Study, Design and Development of the ETM software that is implemented using Ingenico’s ETM.

Interfacing Contactless Smart Card Reader to Ingenico’s ETMs

Assist SIEMENS - On Site Study and development of the Back End Software for the Centralised Fare Collection Software.

Implement the ETMs at Hebbal Depot – Training of Conductors, Customizing the ETM software, maintenance of the ETMs

Manpower support for 24 x 7 Operations of the Data Centre

Manufacture, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of LED based display Boards at Bus Stops, Web Based Display Server Software.

Co-ordination with KEONICS and BMTC

“Make BMTC sustainable, people-centered and choice mode of travel for everyone”

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation is the sole public bus transport provider for Bangalore, serving urban, sub-urban and rural areas. BMTC is committed to provide quality, safe, reliable, clean and affordable travel. The testimony of its success lies in increasing passenger trips everyday by a wide range of customer base. In an effort to modernize its services for commuter comfort, BMTC strives to strengthen information systems and improve processes through introduction of intelligent technology solution, make capacity enhancement through infrastructure development, user-friendly interchange facilities, fleet upgradation and augmentation, apart from its core activities, which includes fare structuring, route network optimization, planning and monitoring. BMTC reaches far and wide, in every nook and corner of the city, making public transport an attractive travel choice for everyone. BMTC’s stronghold in the area of public transport in Bangalore is a testimony to its adoption of sound Management, HR, Quality and Environmental policies and strong support from the Government of Karnataka and esteemed passengers.
Our Mission

    Provide people-centered (quality, efficient, integrated and safe) services
    Commuter responsive service planning and promotion
    Optimize resources and build capacity
    Adopt environment-friendly and sustainable practices
    Strengthen commuter feedback mechanism
    Modernize and maintain zero breakdown fleet
    Evolve effective mechanism to monitor service performance
    Conduct safety training, performance audits and awareness for stakeholders
    Increase commercial revenue through monetizing land, buildings & buses
    Increase efficiency in operations and administration
    Ensure inter-agency coordination and multi-modal integration
    Formulate and enforce police measures for sustainability of the service provision
    Implement Intelligent Transport System to improve the quality of service
    Extend travel concession to the weaker sections of the society
    Act as an agent for cultural synthesis and national integration
    Promote research on urban transport

1.BMTC Dispensary

BTS Bus Depot Rd, Shanti Nagar
Bangalore, Tamil Nadu
080 2295 2385

2.Bmtc Controller Room

Kengal Hanumanthaiah Road, Shanti Nagar, Shanti Nagar
Bangalore, Karnataka
080 2295 2422

3.Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation

BTS Bus Depot Road, Shanti Nagar
Bangalore, Karnataka
080 2295 2952

4.Bmtc Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Head Office)


(080) 22952536 

2nd Floor, Central Office, K H Road, Shanthinagar, Bangalore - 560027 | View Map

(080) 22952536


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5.Bangalore Metro Transport Corporation


(080) 22952311 

Subhash Nagar, Kempegowda Road, Bangalore - 560009 | View Map


(080) 22952311, 22952522, 22952534, 22952314, 22952422

6.Bangalore Transport Company , Kalasipalyam , Bangalore

Category: Commercial Transporters

Phone:  (080) 22236085, (080) 22223714

Mobile:  9448471141, 9448052385

Address:   70/36, 3rd Cross, Kalasipalyam, Bangalore- 560002, Karnataka

Landmark:  Near Vegetable Market

7.Bangalore Metro Transport Corporation, Wilson Garden, Bangalore

Phone: 080 - 22952311, 080 - 22952324
Landmark: Near BMTC Bus Stop
Contact Person: Ram Prasad
Address: K.H. Road, Shanthi Nagar
Wilson Garden, Bangalore -560027
Area: Wilson Garden
Working Hours: Monday - Saturday: 8 AM - 5 PM
Categories: Bus Transport Services


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