North areas in Bangalore

North areas in Bangalore

The area of North Bangalore includes areas of Banaswadi, HBR Layout, Hebbal, Hennur, Jakkur, Jalahalli East & West, Peenya Industrial Ares, Sanjeevani Nagar, Yeshwant Pur. Areas around Puttanahalli is a green belt. Northern reign has a vast area under eucalyptus and bamboo plantations with horticulture and botanical gardens.

This reign in Bangalore is also marked with various engineering, agriculture, medical and fundamental research institutes and colleges. Various famous industries like BHEL(Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited), BEL(Bharat Electronics Limited), Hindustan Liver and HMT(Hindustan Machine Tools) are also located in this reign, around Jalahalli area. The famous Parsi Tower of Silence is also situated here around Sanjeevini Nagar area and is a tourist destination. Gandhi Krishi Vigyan Kendra is famous for its research in the field of agriculture.

Areas Under North Bangalore:

    2.HBR layout
    6.Jalahalli East
    7.Jalahalli West
    8.Peenya Industrial Area
    9.Sanjeevini Nagar


Banaswadi is located in the Northern Reign of Bangalore. Although it is a residential colony but the place is famous for Veeranjanaya Temple. There are many hospitals in the area providing quality medical facilities to the residents. The major hospitals in the area are Cenesis, Satya Sai Baba Hospital, Dewans Hospital and Narayan Nilaya Maternity Hospital. Banaswadi Railway Station is the nearest local station to catch passenger trains.

Banaswadi Bus Stand is situated on the Banaswadi Main Road. The area is very well connected to other parts of the city via road and rail route. Kodanda Rana and Ramanjaneya are the famous wedding halls, situated here.


    The airport is located at a distance of about 12km from Banaswadi.
    About 20km from City Railway Station.
    Banaswadi Railway Station is the nearest local station.
    The Banaswadi Main Road and 100ft road connects this place to other major city centers.

Areas Under Banaswadi:

    2.Jayanti Nagar
    3.Rammurthy Nagar

2.HBR layout

Adjoining to Banaswadi region is HBR Layout, one of the largest areas in Bangalore. There are oil mills, rotary clubs and colleges situated in this reign. Arabic College, Mahabodhi Teachers Training Institue and Karnataka Institute of Leather Technology are important colleges here. Spread along the railway line are various industries like Solar Engineering, Radahkrishna Oil Mill and Mysore Rolling Mills. Vijay Laxmi industries and Frida Shoes are situated at the center of HBR Layout. Kacharakanahalli Kere is a lake in the reign and is a source of water.

The major hospitals situated here are Vet Hospital, PC Dental Hospital, Lokhandes Hospital and St. Philomina Hospital. Banaswadi Railway station is the nearest station. This place is very well connected via road to other parts of the city.


    The airport is located is at a distance of about 15km from HBR Layout.
    City Railway Station is about 30km from HBR Layout.
    Banaswadi Railway Station is the nearest to catch local trains.
    7 Main Road and Outer Ring Road connects this place to other parts of the city as well as the outskirts.

Areas Under HBR layout:

    1.HRBR Layout


Laid along the railway line, Hebbal is yet another important town in Bangalore city. This place is housing various industries as well as educational institutions. Various government run organizations like Karnataka Agro Industries Corporation, Institute of Veterinary Biologicals, University of Agricultural Sciences, Veterinary College, Mahatma Gandhi Polytechnic and office of Directorate of Biological Control are located around this reign. Janatha Bazar is a good place to shop. Vijay, Nambudeswara and Jayalaxmi are cinema theaters located here. Geetha and Baptist hospitals are the main hospitals in the town. Blessed Alphonsa is the famous church in the Hebbal.


    Airport is around 35km from this place.
    City Railway Station is located about 25km from Hebbal.
    Hebbal Station is the nearest local Railway Station.
    The roads very well connect Hebbal to other parts of the city.

Areas Under Hebbal:

    1.Anand Nagar


Located along Hebbal, Hennur is famous for its lake which is major tourist attraction in Bangalore. Hennur Main Road is the road that takes one to all the major parts of the city. Amruth is the nearest cinema hall. Elizabeth Manor is the nearest wedding hall. Sundar Hospital located here, provides medical facilities to the residents.


    20km from Airport.
    20km from City Railway Station.
    Banaswadi Railway Station is the nearest local station.
    Hennur Main Road connects the place to other parts of Bangalore.

Areas Under Hennur:

    1.Ganga Nagar
    2.Ashoka Nagar


Located in the Northern part of Bangalore, Jakkur is situated along the railway line. The place is famous for Jawaharlal Nehru center for Advanced and Scientific Research. The center, established in 1989, is an autonomous research institution funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Several frontier areas of research in Chemical, Physical and Biological Sciences and Computational Fluid Dynamics are being pursued. Various workshops and conferences for research and development projects are conducted at Jakkur.


    30 km from Airport.
    35km from City Railway Station.
    Kodigehalli Railway Station is the nearest local station.
    Ballery Road joins to other roads that take you to Jukkur.

Areas Under Jakkur:

    3.Nehru Nagar

6.Jalahalli East:

Jalahalli has an Indian Airforce base. Jalahalli east is a major industrial center with like Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT) and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL). Maxwell Engineers is also situated within the vicinity of this place. It has a wide expanse of green Jakarbandi State Forest. Since its an industrial area, there are residential colonies for employees of these organizations.

Special clubs and restaurants are also situated here to satisfy the recreational needs of the people. The boating club is visited by the local people on the weekends while others visit this place while on a tour to Bangalore. Kodigehalli Kere is another major lake situated near to this place. Krishna and Manjunath are the theaters located here. There are separate movie theaters for HMT and BEL employees, located in respective colonies.


    55km from Airport.
    30km from City Railway Station.
    Lottegollahalli Railway Station and Kodigehalli Railway Station are the nearest stations to catch local trains.
    Jalahalli Road connects to different parts of the city.

Areas Under Jalahalli East:

    1.Kuvempu Nagar

7.Jalahalli West

Located at the western borders of Bangalore, Jalahalli West boast a green belt of coconut grove and eucalyptus plantations. This place also houses the Air force base of India. Residential colony for air force service men is located adjoining to this green belt. The most famous attraction of this place is Sri Ayyapana temple which lies a kilo meter northwards on Bangalore Pune National Highway No.4, 12 Km from Bangalore city center. Jalahalli West Bus Stand ply buses enrouting to other parts of the city. HMT and Raghvendra Hospitals are two nearest hospitals in the region.


    About 60km from airport.
    City Railway Station is about 25km away.
    Lottegollahalli Raiway Station is the nearest.
    Jalahalli Road connects this place to other parts of Bangalore.

Areas Under Jalahalli West:

    1.Ravindra Nagar

8.Peenya Industrial Area

Peenya is an industrial area in Bangalore with a dozen of industrial units spread across the town. Some of the major industries set up here are Bata, Krishna Fabrication, Baharat Fertz, Mysore Breweries, Kar Mobiles, Bureau of Indian Standards and Central Engineering Company. The vast area has been divided into 4 phases. While phase 1 houses major industrial units of Bangalore, phase 2, 3 and 4 are residential settlements of the workers working in these factories. There are several small scale industries and workshops spread across this place. Sanjeevni Hospital, Ravi Kirloskar Memorial, Raghvendra and Iyathi Hospitals are some of the major hospitals in the region. The place is very well connected and linked to other parts of city via road.


    About 70km from Airport.
    City Railway Station is about 20km from Peenya.
    Yeshwantpur Railway Station is the nearest local station.
    Ring Road, Tumkur Road, Kanthivara Studio main Road are few important roads that circle Peenya and connects it to rest of Bangalore.

Areas Under Peenya Industrial Area:

    1.Chamundi Nagar
    2.Kaveri Nagar

9.Sanjeevini Nagar:

Spread amidst of green belt in Bangalore, Sanjeeevini Nagar is famous for housing industries like Larsen & Turbo, Brindavan Breweries, Balaji Enterprsises and Granite Industries. There is a vast area under Eucalyptus plantations and the area is spread along the Ballary Road on National Highway No.7. The place has two local railway stations, Hebbal and Kodigehalli Stations. Outer Ring Road, N Damodaran Road, Kodigehalli Road and Bellary Road connect this place to other parts of Bangalore. Hebbal Kere is the lake adjoining this place, visited by hordes of people.


    Airport is located at a distance of about 35km from Sanjeevini Nagar.
    City Railway Station is about 30km away.
    Hebbal and Kodigehalli Railway Stations are the nearest local stations.
    Outer Ring Road, Damodaran Road, Kodigehalli Road and Bellary Road are few main roads in the region.

Areas Under Sanjeevini Nagar:

    1.Koti Hosahalli
    2.Sahakara Nagar


A well planned town with industries and residential colonies spread across the area, Yashwantpur is located in the Northern region of Bangalore. Matti Kere is the famous water reservoir in the area. It has a amalgam of educational institutions, industries and industrial suburbs. The place is situated adjoining to Peenya industrial area and houses over a dozen industrial units. Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited (BHEL), Mysore Lamps, Chandan Chemical Corporation, Govt Soap Factory, Mafatlal Plywood, Suryodaya Industries and Kirlosker Batteries are to name a few.

The town is crossed by railway line, with industries on one end while residential colonies at the other side of line. Very renowned, Indian Institute of Science is also located at the heart of Yeshwantpur and is a green area. Famous ISKCON temple, visited by hordes of people across the globe, is located at the outskirts of Yeshwantpur. There are theaters and hospitals to fulfill the medical as well as recreational needs of its residents.


    About 10km from City Railway Station.
    Airport is located 65km away.
    Yeshwantpur Railway Station is the nearest station to catch local trains.
    CV Raman Road, BEL Road and Tumkur Road are the major roads connecting Yeshwantpur to rest of the city.

Areas Under Yeshwantpur:

    1.Gokula Extension
    3.Sundara Nagar

Outer Ring Road Bangalore:

The outer reigns of Bangalore include small towns which are ancient old and have captivating scenic beauty. Some of these towns are producers are finest quality of handicrafts and hand looms in Karnataka. Set in naturally rich environment, these areas have great potential for deriving livelihood from agriculture. Bee keeping, toy making, silk manufacturing and rural cottage industry are some of the important industries established here.

These places provide some of the oldest forms of products found in Karnataka. Set in a series of hills, these places house a large number of mosques and temples which are observed as places of pilgrimage by people of Karnataka. The Arkavati, the Kanva and the Dakshina Pinakini are the tributary Rivers which flow through the  district. Cultivable lands produce a great amount of grapes for wine industry. Set in natural surroundings with simple way of living, life seems calm and soothing in this part of Bangalore. Another face of Silicon City!

Areas Under Outer Bangalore:



Located 60km South West of Bangalore, Channapatna is silk center of Karnataka. The place is famous for its eye-catching wooden toys and hence also called as “City of Toys”. There are several traditional as well as contemporary industries located here which manufacture and market these toys world wide. While silk is twisted and manufactured here, coconut remains the main product here.

The center also has 94 years old Artisan Training Institute (A.T.I) which was established to promote Channapatna toys made up of a specific wood called "Aale Mara". Ornately carved Lacquerware products are also a major attraction of this place. The place is dotted by many monuments as well. There are three main hoblies(small villages) situated here, Kasaba, Malur and Virupakshapura.


    Road route is the only route to reach Channapatna. Buses and Cabs can be hired to reach here.


Situated to the north-west of Bangalore, it is a sub-division and taluk center sprawling over a total land area of 78760 hectares with five hoblies. Hobly is a general name for cluster of villages in Karnataka. These hoblies in Doddballapura are: Doddabelavangala, Thubagere, Sasalu, Madure and Kasaba. A chain of mountains covers the north and north-west part of this place. It is mainly an uneven land-scape with partially plain land area on the bank of the river Arkawati. The place is directly connected by railway.

During Hoysala period, this place was celebrated commercial center. There is a famous legend for how this place derived its name. It is said that a cow used to drop a 'balla' over a certain ant hill which led to the foundation of the town. From 'balla', this town came to known as Ballapura, recent Doddballapura.


  Karnataka State Transport Corporation Buses from Bangalore ply for Doddballapura.


On the bank of Arkavati river, Kankapura is located 56km from Bangalore. This place is spread over an area of 1,59,426 hectares with mainly six talukas: Harohalli, Maralawadi, Kodihalli, Sathanur and Uyyamballi. The industrial activities undertaken here include Silk Reeling, Twisting, Powerlooms, Brick Industries, Bamboo activities, Pottery and other rural industries.

People of this taluk are mainly dependent upon Agriculture. People here have engaged themselves in bee keeping, rural and cottage industries as this place has more potential for these industries. The Bee keeping industry has covered 38 villages and there are 150 bee keepers who are maintaining 300 bee colonies (Apiaries). This place also has temples dedicated to Hindu gods Ranganatha, Valakotamma, Kodandarama and Anjaneya.


    Karnataka State Transport Corporation Buses from Bangalore ply for Kanakapura while cabs can also be hired.


Situated on National highway, 27km off Bangalore, it is a small town from Vijaynagara Empire. There are three main hoblies(small villages) situated here: Kasaba, Tyamagondlu and Sompura with 22 Grampanchayats. The place also has temples of Hindu deities: Rudra- deva, Basaveshwara, Anjaneya (two), Lakshmi Channakeshava (small), Ganesha, Kashi Vishveshwara, Veeranjaneya, Mahalingeshwara, Basavanna, etc. There is a famous mosque also situated here. The annual Jatra and car festival are held together during the month of April with a span of three days which is visited by hordes of people.


    State Transport buses drop at Dargah Station. One can hire a private cab to reach here.


Situated in a valley with rocky hillocks, Ramanagaram is locted 48km off bangalore. It has become biggest cocoon marketing center in Karnataka. This place is spread on either banks of the Arkavati covering an area of 62930 hectares of geographical area and 4 Hoblies(small villages): Kasaba, Kailancha, Kootagal and Bidadi.

There are, in all, eight mosques and several temples in the town. Nalbandwadi Mosque, Mehaboobnagar Mosque, Motinagar Mosque, Ijur Mosque and Hajinagar Mosque are some of the most prominent mosques here while Anjaneya (Agrahara), Revanasiddeshwara, Chamundeshwari, Bandi Kalamma, Kanikaparameshwari, Ramadeva, Lakshminarayana and Basaveshwara are importabt temples.


    State Transport buses ply for Ramanagaram. Cabs on hire are also available to reach here.


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