Ocean Park in Hyderabad

Ocean Park in Hyderabad

About Ocean Park:

Ocean Park is situated at Gandipet, 20 km. from Hyderabad, in 20 acres of landscaped gardens, an amusement park that you haven't seen the likes of yet in India. It is one of the first theme parks started in twin-cities and continues to be a great hit especially with children. But it is not the young ones alone who enjoy, even adults can have lots of fun here. It is a family amusement park offering a good mix of fun and thrills for people of all ages with water rideskiddies pool, wave pool, water slides, dry rides- super loop, the 60 feet high ride, bumping cars, slam bomb etc.

The park has a water sports section and another one for amusement games. Here you can relive your childhood or romp around with your children amid the various water bodies. If you enjoy the thrills of the games where the ships and trains make half and full circles, where tea cups juggle in the air and you are literally taken on a ride, then Ocean park is the place for you.

Ocean Park is divided into different section, in the kids section there is a wading pool and fountain, while the adults section has the exhilarating water slides. There is also a waves and swimming pool with different sections for men women and children. Jet skiing is also available. Toy train, helicopters, huge air filled balloon, video games are available for children and for adults there is tora tora ride, single loop roller coaster and a ship that sails from side to side churning your insides out. Inside the park, food is not allowed. Near Gandipet, there is also Sagar Mahal guesthouse.

2 major sections in the Ocean Park. Those are:
•    Water Sports Section

•    Amusement Games Section

Water Sports Section in Ocean Park:
In this section all the games related only to he water are present.Separate water games and pools are present for the children and adults.The special attraction of Ocean Park is,artificial waves in the pool are created which give the feel for the people in the pool that they are really in the ocean.The water in the pools are replaced very frequently so that no diseases are prevailed in the pool.

Amusement Games Section in Ocean Park:
In this section all the games are water free and are just thrilling and amazing.Giant teacups which circulate you and your heart in air for sometime,ships which make half and full circles in air and trains which make you to see all the Ocean Park are some of the games in the Amusement Games Section.

Water Rides in Ocean Park:

Thrilling, exciting and adventurous water rides are there but there is no risk as safety is the priority here. You can enjoy several water rides like

•    Mushroom Umbrella

•    Floating Bridge

•    Wide Slide

•    Tube Slide

•    Tilting Bucket

•    Water Screen

•    Floating Bridge

•    Duck Jets

•    Corrugated Umbrella.

Accommodation at Ocean Park:
A Guest House is present near the Ocean Park. Rooms are available in that guest house for staying.You can get in there and after fresh up you can visit Ocean Park. Hotel is also present in that guest house.

Location : Near Osman Sagar Lake (Gandipet)

Timing : 11.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M

Entry Fee :

For Adults - Rs.300/-

For Children - Rs. 200/-

Open : Every Day

Contact Details:

Phone: 040 - 24193235

Mobile: 9866699475, 9866699476

Landmark: Near Sankarpally Circle

Contact Person: Anil

Address: CBIT Road
Gandipet, Hyderabad -500075

Attractions within Ocean park:

Kiddies Pool, A 60-Ft High Ride, The Slam Bomb, Bumping Cars And Dry Rides For People Of All Ages.

How to reach Ocean Park in Hyderabad:

It is easy to reach Ocean Park from Mehadipatnam.

Bus numbers from Mehidipatnam to OCEAN PARK are 120,220S,220V, 220J, 120M

Local cabs are available from bus stand and railway station to reach Ocean Park. You can also hire an auto-rickshaw to reach there.


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