South areas in Bangalore

South areas in Bangalore

The southern part of Bangalore boasts of housing world renowned management school, IIM (Indian Institute of Management). The area has sprawling water bodies with ample space to provide residential facilities to people in Bangalore. Innumerable hospitals and recreational centers are situated in the city, providing a proper living setting to its residents. The shopping complexes falling within the vicinity of Southern Bangalore provides some of the best buys. Several industries like Asian Paints, BPL Hindustan Liver, Cauvery Foods and Bangalore Grape Winery are located in this part of the city. Roads have been very well laid and maintained, connecting every nook and corner of the city.

As regards the tourist destinations, southern part of the city houses famous Jamia Masjid, Banshankara Temple, Anjenya Swami Temple, Salvation Army Church and Raghvendra Temple. Research and Development centers of government of India like Geological Survey of India and Indian Space Research Organization are also situated here.

Areas Under South Bangalore:

    1.BTM layout
    5.Kumaraswamy Layout
    7.RajaRajeshwari Nagar

1. BTM layout :

Located in southern part of Bangalore, the place houses a well renowned Indian Institute of Management (IIM). The area has well developed road and transportation system. There are separate market places with well planned residential colonies. At the outskirts of this place, there are several theaters and holiday resorts to fulfill the recreational needs of the people. Metropolitan is one such recreational club here. Madivala Tank is a a good place to get around with friends and family. Venketshwara and Benashankari are two movie theaters located within a diameter of few kilometers from this place.


    Airport is about 15km away.
    City Railway Station is located at a distance of 25km from here.
    Devarchikappahalli Road circles BTM Layout and connects it to other parts of Bangalore.

Areas Under BTM layout:

    2.Hanuman Nagar


Jayanagar is well developed residential area with cosmopolitan setup. There are theaters, shopping complexes, libraries and renowned educational institutions located here. Rajiv Gandhi University, RV Dental College and Industrial Training Institute are also located here. Cosmopolitan Club here is best place to be with friends & family.

Jayanagar shopping complex is the best place to shop at. This place also has some of the famous eating joints of Bangalore like Mughal Durbar, Taj Darbar, Vijay Sagar and Blue lagoon.

Srinivasa, Venus, Maheshwari, Balaji and Laxmi are the movie theaters in the region. There are several quality hospitals located here. Rajlaxmi, Rajiv gandhi University of health Science, Murthy, Vinayaka Hospital, Diwakar Hospital, Sanjay Gandhi Accident Hospital, Kaushak and Ayurvedic Research Unit are to name a few.


    Airport is located approximately 10-12 km from Jayanagar.
    City Railway Station is located around 8 km from here.
    Jayanagar Main Road and Bannirghatta Road connects this place to major parts of the city.

Areas Under Jayanagar:

    1.Thilak Nagar


J.P. Nagar stands adjoining to Jayanagar and is another well planned and developed residential colony in Bangalore. The place is spread along the sides of Aurobindo Marg with Ring Road running along its boundary. Puttenahalli Kere is the lake situated adjacent to Phase IV of J.P. Nagar. At the outskirts of this place, Jamia Masjid is a famous Muslim shrine. If you want to spend your weekend leisurely, JP Nagar Club provides the best of the options.

Several industries like Charka Automobiles, Antony Industries, Cauvery Food, Infosys technologies, Maratt Rubber and All India Granite Works are situated here. Oxford Hospital, Rajshker Hospital and Chirag hospitals provide medical assistance to the residents of this area.


    Airport is located at a distance of 15km.
    It is located about 25km from City Railway Station.
    Ring Road and Aurobindo Marg are two important connecting roads to J.P. Nagar.

Areas Under J.P.Nagar:

    Nainappa Settipalya


Criss-crossed by several important roads of Bangalore, Koramangala is very well connected region in Bangalore. The major connecting roads here include 17th Manin Road, Hosur Road, 80 feet Road and 5 cross road. To provide best of the shopping options to its residents, Super Market and BDA market Complex are specialized market areas here.

St. Jon's Medical College and Hospital, Jyothi Niwas Women's College and Forensic Science Laboratory are some of the educational institutions in this region, providing professional training to their students. Reputed firms and business houses like Wipro and Survey of India are also situated here. Sathya Garden, Brindavan and Sukh Sagar are some of the places where you can eat and make a stay while on a trip to Bangalore. Bus Station at Koramangala will take you to almost every part of the city.


    Just 10km from Airport.
    Around 20km from Railway Station.
    Ring Road, Hosur Road, 17th main Road connects this place to rest of the city.

Areas Under Koramangala:


5.Kumaraswamy Layout:

Located at the southern corner of Bangalore, Kumarswami Layout lies adjoining to J.P. Nagar Layout. This area houses famous Jamia Masjid, a Muslim shrine which stands adjacent to Army Salvation Church.

There are several medical institutes located here providing quality medical facilities to the patients. NVSK Dental College, Swathi Hospital, Hillside Hospital, Bangalore Kidney Foundation and Raj Hospital are to name a few.

This region of Bangalore also abides industries like Best Crompton Engineers and Khoday Breweries within its vicinity. Dayanandsagar Educational Institute is one of the reputed educational centers here. Famous Hindu Banshankara Temple, is an edifice situated very near to this place. The temple is visited by hordes of Hindu devout throughout the year. In order to provide recreational facilities to the residents here, Madeshwara and Manasa are two movie theaters. You can catch buses enrouting different parts of the city from the local bus station.


    About 20km from Airport.
    City Railway Station is 25km from this place.
    Vasantpur Main Road, Kankapura Road, Uttrahalli Raod and Ring Road connect to Kumarswami Layout.

Areas Under Kumaraswamy Layout:

    1.Vikram Nagar
    3.V V Nagar


Puttenahalli lies adjacent to BTM layout, surrounded by a green belt in Bangalore. Cross road and Puttenhalli Main Road are two major roads which connect road Puttenahalli and rest of Bangalore. Parimala Hospital and Aditi Hospital, are two major hospitals in the town. Oxford is another prominent health care institute established on Puttenahalli Main Road.

Puttenhalli has two movie theaters, Venketeshwara and Ganesha for the movie buffs. People also spend their weekends and evenings at Puttenahalli Kere to stroll around with friends and family. Apart from residential colonies, this place also abides Antony Industries and BPL as two major industrial units of this region.


    Around 20km from airport.
    City Railway Station is located at a distance of 30km.
    Bannerghatta Road, Cross Road and Cotnur Road are three major connecting roads in the region.

Areas Under Puttenahalli:


7.RajaRajeshwari Nagar:

Rajarajeshwari Nagar is much famous for the amusement park situated here. Located along the Mysore road, it stands adjoining to green belt in Southern Bangalore. The whole area has been divided into 5 main stages. This area is crossed by Virshabhavati Nala, which is also main source of water here.

A major part of the place is covered by sprawling coconut groves and eucalyptus plantations.People generally stroll around Hosakerehalli Kere during evenings as the view is splendid then.

Bangalore Children's Hospital and Rotary Hospital are medical care institutes located here. The area is also famous for housing RV College of Engineering. Mysore Road is the main road here connecting it other parts of the city.


    About 40km from Airport.
    Approximately 15km from City Railway Station.
    Janabharati and Kengeri Railway Station are nearest to catch local trains to other parts of the city.
    Mysore Road, Uttarahalli Road and Itamadu main Road connects this place to rest of the city.

Areas Under RajaRajeshwari Nagar:



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