Tourist places in Bangalore

Tourist places in Bangalore
The city of Bangalore has numerous tourist attractions to keep its visitors busy. Right from beautiful gardens to serene lake to magnificent palaces, the city offers a wide variety to those who are planning to go on Bangalore sightseeing tours.

1.Bangalore Aquarium
Location:      Kasturba Road
Main Attractions:Exotic varieties of fish

Bangalore Aquarium BuildlingBangalore Aquarium is situated on Kasturba Road, at the entrance of the magnificent Cubbon Park. It is housed inside an octagonal-shaped building and boasts of having an exotic variety of aquatic life. The Aquarium, situated in Bangalore, also holds the distinction of being the second largest aquarium in India. Consisting of three floors, it was inaugurated in the year 1983. The Aquarium is under the control of the State Government's Department of Fisheries. One of the best features of the Bangalore Aquarium is that it has tried to create a natural habitat for the fish.

The Aquarium of Bangalore has a wide variety of aquatic life. It has on display the largest number of cultivable as well as ornamental pet fish. However, the fish housed in the aquarium are only freshwater fish, both indigenous and exotic. The fish seen at the aquarium include angel fish, glow light tetra, red tail shark, Siamese fighters, catla, Indian tiger barb, mahseer, freshwater prawns, blue gourami, gold fish, etc.

The Building
On the ground floor of the three-storied building is the office as well as the laboratory. One can also find an outlet for fish feed there. On the first floor are fourteen big tanks, each of them home to the larger cultivable varieties of fish. On the second and the last floor, there are two rows of water tanks. The upper row consists of 23 medium sized tanks, while the lower row has 46 small tanks. Both the tanks are used for displaying only ornamental fish.

2.Attara Kacheri

Location:  Opposite Vidhana Soudha
Main Attractions: Gothic Style of architecture

Attara Kacheri of BangaloreAttara Kacheri of Bangalore is a building housing the High Court. Situated opposite the Vidhana Soudha, it dates back to the year 1867. One of the major attractions of the Attara Kacheri is its Gothic Style of architecture. It is a two-storied building, built in the European classical style. Also known as the High Court Building, it serves as the perfect contrast to the white columned building of Vidhana Soudha. Read on to know more about Attara Kacheri of Bangalore, India.

Attara Kacheri of Bangalore was built under the reign of Tipu Sultan, the Emperor of Mysore. It is said that during his time, the offices of the eighteen departments of Revenue and General Secretariat expanded to quite an extent. Since the palace could not house the offices, he ordered the construction of a new building, where the offices could be relocated. He named the building as Attara Kacheri, meaning eighteen offices or departments.

There are a number of buildings worth visiting near Attara Kacheri. They comprise of the Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Public Library, the Venkatappa Art Gallery and the Government Museum.

3.Bal Bhavan Bangalore

Location        : Cubbon Park
Main Attractions: Amusement Park and Recreation Center
Closed On       : Mondays and second Tuesdays

Bal Bhavan BangaloreBangalore Bal Bhavan is a beautifully planned amusement park as well as a recreation center, designed for children. There is a small toy train inside the park that runs on a track of almost 3/4th mile inside the beautiful Cubbon Park. Apart from the train, the other attractions of the Bal Bhavan include a Dolls Museum, which boats of a rich assortment of dolls and toys collected from different parts of the world. Read on further to know more about the Bal Bhawan of Bangalore, India.

A 20 million year old fossilized tree adds to the appeal of the park. The tree was gifted to the Bhawan by the Geological Survey of India. There are also facilities for boating inside the Bhavan, along with a small fair ground and a children's park. The park has swings, horse rides and tree houses to keep the children busy and occupied. Hobby classes, like painting, arts and crafts, etc, are also organized at the Bal Bhavan of Bangalore.

The Vijayaranga Theatre situated inside the park organizes children's film shows and theatre performances on a frequent basis. So, if you are going to Bangalore along with your kids, make sure to visit the Bal Bhavan.

4.Bangalore Palace

Location         : Between Jayamahal and Sadashivanagar
Main Attractions : Exquisite woodcarvings and Tudor-style architecture

Bangalore Palace KarnatakaBangalore Palace is situated in the Palace Gardens, at the heart of the Bangalore city of India. Built in the year 1887 by Wodeyar dynasty, it is adorned with magnificent woodcarvings and Tudor-style architecture on the inside. Infact, the palace is quite similar to the medieval castles that were built in Normandy and England. The Windsor Castle of London left a great impression on King Chamaraja Wodeyar of Wodeyar dynasty, on one of his trips to England. Inspired by the Tudor style architecture, he got the Bangalore Palace built in the city.

Once surrounded by beautiful gardens, the palace has now lost much of its original charm. However, it still succeeds in attracting tourists. Fortified towers, Gothic windows, battlements and turrets lend a great degree of magnificence to the Bangalore Palace of India. Mainly constructed of wood, it boasts of splendid carvings and paintings. Today the palace serves as the venue for various exhibitions, concerts and cultural programs held in the city. The ground floor of the Bangalore Palace comprises of a massive open square.

The square is full of granite seats that are adorned with fluorescent blue ceramic tiles. Along with the courtyard is a ballroom, where private parties of the King used to be held. As we move to the first floor, the foremost thing that comes into view is an ornate room, known as the Durbar Hall. The King used this hall for addressing the assembly. Mounted on the hall is a colossal elephant head, while its walls are ornamented with exquisite paintings. One of the walls of the Durbar Hall has a set of windows that are decorated with stained glass.

There is an abundant use of the yellow color in the hall, with the walls as well as the sofa being of the said color. One end of the room houses a screen, which provided a veil to the ladies when they used to sit and watch the assembly proceedings. There are also a number of paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, a renowned artist in the palace. The inner walls of the Bangalore Palace are also festooned with paintings belonging to the mid-19th century. The other attractions of the palace include a dining table of the Diwan of Mysore, Sir Mirza Ismail.

5.Gandhi Bhavan Bangalore

Location        : Kumara Krupa Road
Main Attractions: Picture gallery of Gandhiji
Timings         : 10.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (Lunch Break - 1.30 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.)
Closed on       : Sundays/General Holidays

Gandhi Bhavan BangaloreGandhi Bhavan of Bangalore is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. The Bhavan was set up with the intention of promoting the life and teachings of Gandhiji. Situated on the Kumara Krupa Road, Gandhi Bhawan was started as Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi (GSN), under the chairmanship of Dr Rajendra Prasad, the then President of India. The main attraction of the Gandhi Bhawan consists in a comprehensive picture gallery, displaying the entire life of Mahatma Gandhi.

The gallery has photographs of Mahatma Gandhi, from early childhood to the last day of his life. Apart from that, there are also Photostat copies of the letters written by him to the various personalities of his time. One can also see placards with the famous quotes of Gandhiji, hanging on the walls of the Bhavan. Today, the Gandhi Bhavan of Bangalore serves as the venue for public meetings organized on Gandhian values.

6.Cubbon Park

Location       : Near Gandhi Nagar
Main Attraction: Beautifully landscaped park
Area           : Over 250 Acres
Closed to Traffic: 5 AM to 8 AM all days

Cubbon Park of BangaloreCubbon Park is situated near Gandhi Nagar in Bangalore. Dating back to the year 1864, the park was laid by Sir Mark Cubbon, the then viceroy of India. Infact, the park has been named after him only. The fairy fountains and an august bandstand were added later on. The Cubbon Park of Bangalore spreads over an area of approximately 250 acres and is quite frequented by both walkers as well as joggers. The engineer of Cubbon Park was by Sir Richard Sankey, the then Chief Engineer of Mysore.

A number of neo-classical styled government buildings are situated inside the park, out of which one is the Vidhana Soudha. The Public Library, the Government Museum and the High Court are also located inside the park. The other buildings in the park include the Cheshire Dyer Memorial Hall, Ottawa Chatter, Children's amusement park, Doll museum, etc. The Vijayranga Theater complex screens children's films and stage plays. Cubbon Park also has a toy train, which is very popular amongst children.

The beauty of the park is such that after visiting it, people have started calling Bangalore, the 'Garden City' of India. Lying in the heart of Bangalore, Cubbon Park stands adorned with trees, flowerbeds and rolling lawns. For those who are looking for some moments of peace and solitude in Bangalore, Cubbon Park is just the place to be. In the evening, when fairy fountains are lit, the park attains a magnificence that is beyond description. Numerous courses are offered at the Cubbon Park, ranging from pottery to aero-modeling.

7.Government Museum Bangalore

Location     :Kasturba Gandhi Road
Main Attractions:Neolithic artifacts
Timings     :10 am to 5 pm
Closed On:     :Wednesdays

Government Museum in BangaloreThe Government Museum of Bangalore counts amongst the oldest museums in India. It is located at the Kasturba Gandhi Road, quite near to the magnificent Cubbon Park. Colonel Sankey designed the main building of the Government museum and got it constructed in the year 1876. Later, a number of wings were added to the main building. Bangalore Government was opened up for public viewing in the year 1886 only.

The Government Museum of Bangalore comprises of two exhibition floors, which have been further divided into eighteen galleries. These galleries comprise of different sections like geology, natural history, sculpture, art and numismatics. The rich collection of the museum comprises of ancient coins and art, along with relics from the Indus valley civilization, especially Mohenjodaro, Halebid and Vijayanagar. Many relics kept at the museum are as much as 5000 years old.

Government Museum of Bangalore also houses prehistoric artifacts, belonging to the Neolithic period. These artifacts were unearthed while excavations were being carried out at Chandravalli. Other items displayed inside the museum include a rich assortment of South Indian jewelry, fascinating stones, inscriptions, icons, paintings, coins, miniature paintings, sculptures, textiles, etc. Government Museum is open on all days, except Wednesdays and public holidays.

8.Nehru Planetarium Bangalore

Location     :T. Chowdiah Road
Main Attraction    :Daily shows of Astronomy
Timings for Shows:3:00 pm and 4:30 pm (except for Sundays)

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium BangaloreThe Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is situated at T. Chowdiah Road in Bangalore. Established in the year 1989, it counts amongst the popular tourist attractions of the city. There is a sky theater inside the planetarium, with a huge dome that has a diameter of fifteen meters. It has a seating capacity of 225 and serves as the venue for two shows of astronomy on a daily basis. The timings of the show are 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm, with the exception of Mondays. In the following lines, we have provided more information on the Jawahar Lal Nehru Planetarium of Bangalore, India.

The shows held here are extremely good and provide a good view as well as factual knowledge on astronomy. There is also an observatory inside the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium of Bangalore. It has on display a professional six-inch code refractor telescope. The main aim behind the establishment of the planetarium was to promote an understanding of astronomy, amongst students as well as the other individuals. A sightseeing tour of the Bangalore city must include a visit to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium.

9.Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

Location    :4 km from M.G. Road
Main Attractions:1000 different species of flora, Glass House and flower shows

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens BangaloreHyder Ali, the Emperor of Mysore, laid down the foundation of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in the 18th century. The gardens were later completed by his son, Tipu Sultan. He imported trees and plants from different countries of the world, like Persia, Afghanistan and France, to add to the wealth of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens of Bangalore. The gardens encircle one of the towers erected by Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore. Given below is more information on the Lal Bagh Garden of Bangalore, India.

Situated at a distance of approximately 4 km from the M.G. Road, these gardens boast a rich collection of almost 1000 different species of flora. There is also a Glass House inside the gardens, modeled on London's Crystal Palace. Spread over an area of 2400-acre, the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens hold the distinction of having the largest collection of rare and exotic plants in India. The first lawn clock of the country was also set up in these gardens only.

The others attractions of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens include the Lal Bagh Rock, one of the oldest rock formations on earth. It is believed to be approximately 3000 million years old. The garden is beautifully designed, with lawns, flowerbeds, lotus pools and fountains adding to its splendor. Flower extravaganzas are held every year in the botanical gardens, as a part of the Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations.

The entry to the gardens is free between 6 am to 9 am and 6 pm to 7 pm, for the benefit of the joggers and fitness freaks. There is also no charge for children and disabled throughout the day. The magnificent landscape of the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens truly mesmerized its visitors. Sit by the lakeside, savor the view from the hilltop, take long walks in the nursery and enjoy the beauty of the nature!

10.Tipu Sultan Fort

Location     :City Market

Main Attractions:Beautiful architecture

Tipu Sultan Palace BangaloreTipu Sultan Fort was initially built by Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore. The fort was later extended by Tipu Sultan, the Emperor of Mysore. Situated near the City Market, the fort dates back to the year 1537. It was here that Hyder Ali, the father of Tipu Sultan, imprisoned David Baird, along with a number of other army officers of the British. The Fort stands as a witness to the struggle of the Mysore Emperor against the British domination. Read on to know more about Tipu Sultan Fort and Palace of Bangalore, India.

The intricately carved arches of the Tipu Sultan Fort have been built as per the Islamic style. Another major attraction of the fort is the well-preserved Ganapati temple situated inside it. Within the fort lies Tipu Sultan palace, which dates back to year 1790. Built entirely of teakwood, the palace was constructed as the summer residence of Tipu Sultan. The two-storied palace stands adorned with pillars, arches and balconies.

On either side of the Palace are beautiful gardens, which lead to its main entrance. There are beautiful floral motifs embellishing the walls as well as the ceilings of the Tipu Sultan Palace in Bangalore. Tipu Sultan used to conduct the affairs of the state from the eastern and western balconies of the upper floor. After the death of Tipu sultan, the palace was used by the British as their secretariat, till the year 1867.

11.Ulsoor Lake

Location     :Near M.G. Road
Main Attractions:Boating and sightseeing

Ulsoor Lake BangaloreUlsoor Lake is situated on the northeastern fringe of the city center, near the busy M. G. Road. The lake was constructed by Kempe Gowda II, during the later half of the second century. Spread over an area of approximately 1.5 square kilometers, the Ulsoor lake of Bangalore is dotted with islands. One of the major attractions of the lake is boating. There is a boat club at the lake, where you can hire cruises with stopovers at some of the islands.

In the earlier times, Ulsoor Lake was known as "Halsur" or "Alasur". The lake also serves as the venue for the Ganesha Festival celebrated in August/September. There is a recreational complex situated near the lake, with a swimming pool, where you can go for a swim. There is also a gurdwara near the Ulsoor lake, considered to be the largest Sikh shrine in the Bangalore city of India. The other famous monuments near the lake include a temple dedicated to Subbaraya and the Kensington Park.

It is said that the area around the Ulsoor Lake was once covered with forest. One day, Kempe Gowda came from Yelahankar chasing game and was very tired. He slept under the same tree where Mandava Rishi is believed to have worshipped God Somesvara. In his dreams, he saw God Somesvara, who told him about a hidden treasure. Kempe Gowda dug up the treasure and from the money, got the famous Somesvara pagoda built in the Dravidian style of architecture.

12.Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Location:     Kasturba Road

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum BangaloreVisveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum is situated on the Kasturba Road in Bangalore. Named after M. Visveswaraya, the Dewan of Mysore, it comprises of five galleries, namely Popular Science Gallery, Kimbe Paper Metals Gallery, Children's Science Gallery, Electronic Technology Gallery and Engine Hall Gallery. Visveswaraya Museum is the perfect place to get an idea about the working of different types of machines. Given below is more information on Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum of Bangalore, India.

Apart from airplane and steam engine, a number of other items are also on display inside the museum. For example, exhibits on electronics, motor power, uses and properties of wood and metal, etc. If you have an interest in popular science, you can also work on some of the exhibits. A major attraction of the Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum comprises of its mobile science exhibition.

The exhibition remains on a tour of the entire state of Karnataka throughout the year. It provides all sorts of information on the contribution that has been made by science and technology in the field of human welfare and industrial development. Apart from exhibitions on electronics and motor power, it also organizes film shows, demonstrations and seminars on scientific subjects, at regular intervals.

13.Vidhan Soudha

Location:     Cubbon Park

Main Attraction:Houses the Legislative Chambers of the state government.

Vidhana Soudha BangaloreVidhana Soudha counts amongst the most impressive as well as the most magnificent buildings in the Bangalore city of India. It is mainly famous for housing the Legislative Chambers of the state government. The three hundred rooms of Vidhan Soudha accommodate approximately twenty-two departments of the state government. The building rises to a height of almost 46 m, making it one of the most imposing structures in the city of Bangalore.

Built in the year 1956, Vidhana Soudha of Bangalore boasts of exquisite Dravidian architecture. It was built under the then chief minister of Karnataka, Mr. Kengal Hanumanthaiah, as a tribute to Indian temple architecture. The chief engineer of Vidhan Soudha, B.R. Manickam mainly made use of granite to get the edifice constructed. In the following lines, we have provided more information on the architecture of the Vidhan Soudha of Bangalore, India.

Constructed purely out of granite and porphyry, Vidhana Soudha is adorned with four domes on its four corners. Embellishing the entrance of the buildings is the Four-headed Lion, the national symbol of India. The Cabinet room has a huge sandalwood door, which has been beautifully carved.

Vidhana Soudha of Bangalore can be accessed from all the four directions. However, the admission to the building has been restricted and one has to take prior permission before visiting its interiors. Vidhan Soudha looks breathtakingly beautiful on Sunday evenings and on public holidays, when it is floodlit. The lights are kept on from 6:00 to 8:30 in the evening. A sightseeing tour of Bangalore is incomplete without a visit to the Vidhana Soudha.


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