Software Projects

Software Projects

Banking Domain Knowledge

Banking Project Descriptions for Resumes

Insurance Domain Knowledge

Insurance Project Descriptions for Resumes

ERP Domain Knowledge

ERP Project Descriptions for Resumes

Healthcare Domain Knowledge

Healthcare Project Descriptions for Resumes


Ecommerce Domain Knowledge

Ecommerce Project Descriptions for Resumes

Telecom Domain Knowledge

Telecom Project Descriptions for Resumes

CRM Domain Knowledge

CRM Project Descriptions for Resumes

Retail Market Domain Knowledge

Retail Market Project Descriptions for Resumes


plz explain ERP domain and project details....


thank u sir good site for learning. i need insurance and health care domain knowledge. so plz send me if possible


Hello Sir,

I like your way of teaching. I am working as QA from 1 year with little QTP experience. I would like to learn adavnced QTP as I face a lot of issues while working. I am from US.

Can you please provide online Advanced QTP training that will be greatful?

Hi sir,
Please provide E-commerce,CRM and Retail domain knowledge and project titles.

hi sir please send me health care domain project

I need your help for Jmeter Performance Testing with a live project, could you please help me?

sir i need erp project(Total description ,all modules,roles and responsibilities) which is put in my cv.


It would be great if the health care projects are from different parts of the world. Hope the projects will increase soon. Thanks in advance.

please provide eCommerce details...

your contents are really helpful for please provide remaining domains details...Thanks a lot sir...

please sir
I need a healthcare project ...
Send me

Hi, can you please provide BT retail domain related project details or please mail me

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