Java 3 Years Resume

Java 3+ Experience Years Resume



I aspire to utilize my expertise in object oriented programming in an esteemed software organization that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills and educational background, where I can grow with the growth of the company.


•3years of strong experience in analysis, design, development and implementation of large scale, missioncritical Java/J2EEprojects.
•Experience in development of web and enterprise applications using J2EE technologies such asJSP, Servlets,Struts, Springs, Hibernate, and JDBC.
•Experience in WebService client generation and process of XML using JAXB.
•Knowledge in jQuery.
•Strong experience in different phases of Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) including Design,Implementation and Testing during the development of software applications.
•Experience in logging of the application using Log4J Framework
•Experience in using GUI/IDE tools ofEclipseandIBM Rational Application Developer (RAD).
•Strong Experience in working with Databases like Oracle, and MySQL and proficiency inwriting complex SQL queries.
•Experience in application servers like JBOSS, Apache Tomcat 6.0 and Glass fish Application Server.
•Excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills and a highly motivated team player with theability to work independently.
•Ability to learn and adapt quickly to the emerging new technologies and paradigms.

Technical skills:

•J2EE Technologies:JDBC, Servlets, JSP
•Framework and Tools: Struts , Hibernate, Springs , Log4J, WebService, JAXB.
•Programming and Scripting:Java 1.4/1.5/1.6,  SQL
•Application/Web servers:Jboss 4.2, Apache Tomcat 6.0, WAS
•IDE Tools:Eclipse 3.0/3.1, Net Beans 4.0/4.1, Rational Application Developer
•Databases:Oracle, MY Sql
•Version Control:Clearcase
•Operating Systems:Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX

Professional experience:

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Hyderabad  Nov 2011 – XXXX
Role: Java/J2EE Developer                                                                        
Domain: Financial.


•Engaged in gathering, analyzing and identifying various individual logical components.
•Used design patterns such as Factory,Singleton and Value Object Design pattern.
•Developed web application using Struts MVC and effectively wroteAction classes, Action forms and JSP’s.
•Configured various configuration files like struts-config.xml, hibernate-cfg.xml, web.xml, Tiles-def.xml and Spring’s ApplicationContext.xml.
•Developed the front end application using JSP, Servlets, Custom tag libraries where user can enter the input datafor business logic.
•Client generation of Webserviceis done usingWsImport Tool and Marshaling and unMarshaling of XML file achieved through JAXB.
•Wrote Association’s, mapped tables to Entity’s and persisted data to backend by Hibernate Framework.
•Logging of application achieved using Spring’s AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) concepts.
•Check in and Check out of application code is achieved byClearcase.
•Application developed on Eclipse IDE. Testing and deployment of application code is achieved by JBoss Application Server.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Servlet, JSP Struts, Spring’s, Hibernate, WebServices, JAXB, Log4J, SQL, Oracle, ClearCase,Eclipse, JBOSS Server, Windows.

1.Project name: Standard Transaction Process
Client:City Group, New Jersey, USA             
Role: Java/J2EE Developer   

STP system is a CitiGroup’s web-based banking application that allows their corporate clients to access information online and it’s an efficient means of managing corporate credit card transactions at minimal cost. Administrator creates user profile, Account setup system, cost defaults and Authorization controls. The program administrator can create, edit and delete the corporate cards.


•STP application is developed based on Strutsand Springs Framework.
•AGILE methodology is followed to develop the project
•User Setup and Admin module screens are developed usingStruts,JSP, Custom Tags, Servlets and HTML.
•Dependency Injection of service objects for database interaction is achieved by writing bean definitions for Data Source, JDBCTemplate, and DAO classes in Spring’sapplicationContext.xml.
•CRUD related operations with Database is achieved using SpringJDBC.
•Logging of errors in application is achieved by Log4j and unit testing of thedeveloped code is done by JUnit Framework.
•Dependency objects are configured in  Spring’s ApplicationContext.xml andinjected them by setter methods
•Tables are created by running Script’s on SQL Developer IDE.
•Check in and Checkout of application is achieved usingClearCase.
•Project is developed on Rational Application Developer IDE and deployed application on JBOSS Application Server.

Environment: Java, J2EE,JSP, AGILE, RAD, DAO, Oracle, SQL Developer, Struts, CleareCase, Spring, Hibernate, JBOSS Application Server.

2.Project Title : COALNET ERP
Domain      : Material Management System
Duration : MAY xxxxx to JUN xxxx.

Description : COALNET is an ERP solution for Coal India Ltd. Coal India is a public sector consisting of seven subsidiaries. It operates 486 collieries, produces and sells over 280 million tones of twenty different grades of coal and consists over half a million employees. This web based application system integrates the different functional areas of Coal India Ltd and its subsidiaries.
Material Management System : This System attempts to integrate centralized purchase section of CIL with all subsidiaries and to impose centralized control over inventory. Computerized purchase system will improve productivity of purchasing. Information on stock and receipt and issue summary of all central and regional stores will be sent by the subsidiaries to CIL, HQ. This information will be utilized for inventory control.

Technologies Used : Three Tier Technology
Data base : Oracle
Application Server : Oracle9iAS
Web Server : Apache (Bundled with 9iAS)
Front End : JSP, HTML JavaScript

Role Description :

Design, Development, Testing and Implementation. Provide Training to users. Cater to the new   requirements of the clients. Leading five people as a module lead.

Solution Environment  :JAVA,J2EE,JDK1.5, ORACLE-10g,

Master’s (Master of Science) Project
Thesis in MS, University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Role: Java/J2EE/J2ME Developer
Fast Massive Preventive Security Information and Communication

This projectimproves safety and security through wide public involvement such as cell phones, PDA’s and to access this application it has to be installed in their mobile phones.  For Eg an incident such as Hit and Run happened with this application installed in your mobile phone you can take snap of this incident and type predefined text message and forward this data to a centralized gate-server which will automatically process information and forward it to a proper destination like police headquarters, ambulance headquarters.
This project information is available in SPIE scientific journal SPIE 6982


•Developed projectinJava, Servlets, JSPand with various built in classesof Java 2 Mobile Edition.
•Developed the project on Eclipse IDE and tested the application on Mobile Simulators and various real Mobile phones.
•At server side application developed based on Servlets, JDBC, and toshow recordswrote JSP’s.
•Project deployed on Apache Tomcat Server.
•At Server side wrote SQL Queries to fetch data from JDBC and Data Acess Objects.
•Environment: Java, Servlets, JSP, J2ME, Servlet, SQL, JDBC, Oracle, Eclipse, Apache Tomcate, Windows.

•B.Techin Electronics and Communications, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India
•Masters In Electronic and Communications in Engineering at University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Skill Acquired:

?    Excellent understanding client’s requirement.
?    Hands on experience on Eclipse IDE.


I hereby declare that all the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge

Date:                                              Susheel r                                                                                                                                                                               


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