Difference between UFT and QTP

Difference between UFT and QTP?

HP Unified Functional Testing is latest version of QTP. 

UFT = QTP + Service Tools

QTP Supports GUI Testing, but UFT Supports GUI and API Testing.


HP Unified Functional Testing released in December of 2012 that integrates two of HP Testing products in a common IDE. It SupportsGUI and API testing:

HP Unified Functional Testing has enhanced, and brand new functionalities that are not available in previous versions of HP Service Test or HP QuickTest Professional

UFT is advanced version of QTP Tool and User interface also changed.

QTP has 10 Menus
UFT has 12 menus

UFT includes all of its predecessors' (QuickTest and Service Test) capabilities along with new, exciting features and up-to-date environment and technology integration support.

New version of QTP is UFT,
QTP launched in 2012
UFT launched in 2012

QTP Launched in 2002

UFT Launched in in 2012

What are those new functionalities added in UFT that were not present in previous versions..?

QTP has split action where as uft doesn't have it and it works on internet explorer where as uft supports chrome,firefox,ie,edge and in qtp there is no insight object and insight recording where as uft contains both insight object and recording.

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