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MSBI Resume

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Having 3.4 years of Professional experience in IT industry, involved in MSBI projects with extensive usage of ETL & Reporting tools like SSIS, SSAS, SSRS. 

Expertise in generating SSRS reports.
Experience in providing Error Logging and Error handling for SSIS Packages.
Expert in generating   parameterized reports, linked reports, sub reports, matrix and charts in SSRS 2008 R2.
Proficiency at Task, Containers, Data Transformations like Sources and Destinations,  Derived Column, Conditional Split, Sort and Merge Join Transformations to load data into Data Warehouse.
Extensive database programming Experience in writing T-SQL Stored procedures, User Defined Functions, Constraints and using various DDL and DML commands.
Using all kinds of SQL Server Constraints (Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, Defaults, and Check, Unique etc) and Generating Transaction SQL (T-SQL) Queries and Sub queries.
Good team player, strong interpersonal and communication skills combined with self motivation, initiative and the ability to think outside the box.

Education Qualifications:

Completed from JNTU university, Hyd (A.P) 2009


Working as MSBI Developer with Capgemini from July-2010 to till date.


RDBMS                :SQL Server 2008, SQL
Languages            :C, C#
Operating Systems            :Windows Server 2003/XP                               
Reporting Tool            :SQL Server Reporting Services
ETL Tool                :SQL Server Integration Services


Project 1:
Client            : Stage Stores, Inc, US
Project                   : Sales Analysis System
Role                     : Software Engineer
Duration            :Feb 2011 to Till Date
Environment        : SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server

Stage Stores, Inc. is one of the leading super market in US. The project includes zonal wise analysis of sales, margins and annual growth is to be compared in a period of time.
 Data was extracted from SQL Server and Flat Files. Cleaned, Transformed & Loaded in a separated data base using SSIS, The Enterprise Data Warehouse was built to implement a centralized the data base that collects and organizes and stores data from different operational systems, integrated and historical data for the purpose of end user reporting.  The various business patterns can be analyzed using the different business dimensions.


Worked on Huge Data Transfers from & to SQL Server Databases using utilities / tools like BULK INSERT and used configuration files and variables for production deployment.
Development of packages according to the ETL specifications for the staging area & warehouse data loading using SQL Server Integration Services & SQL Server 2008 R2
Scheduled the ETL Package (Monthly) Using SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio.
Involved in dimensional modeling with Star Schema using the identified Fact and dimension tables.

Project 2:

Client            : Dillards inc
Project                   : Sales Tracking
Role            :RS /ETL Developer
Duration            :Mar -2009 to Jan-2011
Environment        : SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server

Dillards inc. is one of the leading super markets in North America. The project includes zonal wise analysis of sales, margins and annual growth is to be compared in a period of time. The source data for this project comes from sales application system. The target is SQL Server database where the sales data will exists as an integrated data from different sources at enterprise level. Data is extracted from different OLTP source systems, cleansed, transformed and loaded into warehouse.

Worked with other database administrators, report writers, and project teams to refine reporting requirements based on customer’s business needs.
Involved in writing stored procedures, Triggers, User-defined Functions and Views for business logic and functionality of various   modules.
Involved in dimensional modeling with Star &Snowflake schemas using the identified     Fact and dimension tables.
Generated multiple Enterprise reports using SSRS from SQL Server Database (OLTP) and included various reporting features such as group by, drilldowns, drill through, sub-reports, navigation reports (Hyperlink) etc.                                                                            (VANDAN.G)


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