Oracle Apps Resume

Oracle Apps 12 Years Experienced Resume

Maheshkumar V Borse           
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•12 years of experience in Design, Development,Implementation and Testing of Client/Server and Web Applications across multiple Platforms using Java technologies.
•Experience in Oracle ADF technology.Hands on Webcenter sites 11g & Webcenter Portal
•Experience in core java technologies using Parsers to read XML data.Handled object persistence in xml.
•Experience in handling a team of 15 people.Worked as a TL & IC.Handled a project in Java,struts technologies.Participated in estimation,task allocation,development,testing and bug fixing of the project.
•Experience in XSLT,Xpath,Jquery,XML,Used extensively XSLT to transform xml data to the application specific xml.
•Extensive hands on various operating systems.Mac 10.05,Windows 8.Extensive hands on linux com-mands.
•Experienced in programming languages like JSP,JSF,JAVA, J2EE, EJB,STRUTS,Spring,XML.
•Extensive hands on IDE ECLIPSE Helios, RAD,RSA,Jdeveloper
•Participated in Estimation and sizing of workproducts.Mentored team members in technical activity.
•Experienced in understanding importance of quality activities with in Software Lifecycles like Unit Test-ing,Acceptance Testing,and Code/Design reviews.
•Experience in UI automation tools Selenium and JFC Unit automation tools.Executed Sanity testing.Sent      sanity reports to QA organization at Oracle India.
•Participated in Regression testing on behalf of QA team and logged in Bugs in bug tracking tool.
•Wrote test cases.Automated test cases using Selenium and JFCUnit


B.E ( Mechanical Engineering) in Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering,


Sun Certified JAVA Programmer (SCJP).
Oracle SQL certified professional(Iz0-007 Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL)
Oracle Certified ADF Professional
Oracle Certified Webcenter Sites 11g Professional


1    Navis India Technologiess              Programmer            XXXX 2001 - January 2003
2    Accelya Kale Solutions Ltd.             Programmer Analyst        XXXX 2003 - September 2003
3    FCG HI-TECH PVT. LTD             Senior Software Engineer        XXXX 2003 - July 2004
4    Birla soft technologies             Senior Software Engineer        XXXX 2004 - March 2005
5    Cognizant Technology Solutions        Systems Analyst            XXXX 2005 - December 2005
6    Hewlett-Packard Development Company    Senior Member Technical Staff    XXXX 2005 - June 2008
7     Tata Consultancy Services Limited         Systems Analyst            XXXX 2008 - October 2012
8    Infosys                    Senior Developer            XXXX 2012 - XXXXX

Project : Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g

Webcenter Sites 11g highlights two major pieces of sites implementation management and delivery.Live examples,,,,http://www.santa, are three different interfaces to work with three different layers of authorization and content management.WEM Admin,Admin and Contributer interface used repectively by the administrators,Administrators & developers,end users.some of the capabilities of webcenter sites are create and manage content management site,build custom asset types,configure aspects of the user interfaces based on user roles and permissions,Develop templates and element code by using webcenter sites custom JSP tag libraries,Produce a fully functional website. Webcenter sites makes visiting user to the website easy to manage the content of the website.Using the contributer interface it is possible to do incontext editing by simply dragging and dropping context right on to the page.Search functionality makes it easy to locate the videos,images.It is possible to build a new page for the existing site.Browse content and add an article to the page.Edit page content in web and form modes


•Created and managed content management sites.Managed application assigned to content managed sites
•Used different types of contents.Used Image,Page assets,Recommendation assets for creation of site
•Configured dynamic publishing.Used WSDT tool to create a simple template.Preview it using preview browser in WSDT.WSDT template wizard is used for creating new template asset
•Created typeless template asset in WSDT.Inserted text to be rendered by template assets when executed.Used WSDT preview browser to observe rendered results when executing templates
•Observed rendered results by modifying the URL to pass in a variable and value,executed template once more to view the results
•Used HTML XML for creating page layout.JSP & Java for creating logic
•Used Engage to design online sites.Created visitor data assets visitor attributes,history attributes and history types
•Uses Sites Explorer a windows based application that provides access to sites database
•Used CatalogMover a windows based application that provides access to sites database.Primariry used for import/Export activities
•User Property Editor a swing based application that is primarily used to view or modify system properties

JSP,WSDT,JDeveloper,Sites Explorer,Catalog Mover,Property Editor,Eclipse3.6 Helios
Project : Webcenter Portal.

Oracle WebCenter provides an open and extensible solution that allows users to interact with enterprise-ready social computing services such as wikis, blogs, RSS, recent activities, instant messaging, document and content management,social networking, tagging, Business Process Execution Language workflows, and analytics, directly in the context of a portal or an application. Oracle WebCenter Framework is an Oracle JDeveloper design-time extension that breaks down boundaries between Web-based portals and enterprise applications. It also provides the runtime portal and Web 2.0 framework on which all Oracle WebCenter technology runs.


•Tested webcenter application by building and running the webcenter application in ADF framework using Jdeveloper
•Build and customize data model by using ADF business components
•Exposed data model in a web application with a rich ADF faces interfaces.Secured web applications
•Deployed webcenter application in ADF using standalone OC4J/Weblogic application server
•Used ADE for checking in the code.ADE is a version control system used in Oracle corporation.
•Debugged webcenter application in running in OC4J.OC4J is the container used in Oracle corporation.
•Generated Junit test reports.Run the Junit using Linux.Run the code coverage and generated the code cov-erage report.
•Did sanity testing.Followed sanity spec for doing the sanity testing.Sanity spec includes couple of steps done on webcenter componets to check if the functionality is working fine.
•Sent QA sanity report across the organization.QA sanity report includes junit test report/code coverage re-port/bug report.
•Filed bugs based on working of the functionality of webcenter application.Bugs are entered in an online intranet site

JSF,ADF 11g/JDeveloper 11g(,EMMA,clover/Weblogic 10.0/Oracle 11g enterprise edition
Project : Censhare                                                           

Censhare is a product developed for managing digital assets.Any assets can be created digitally and can be
managed in censhare.Censhare is a product used for multi-media asset management system used for all kind of publishers.It is used as information management system.It is a workflow system.content/version/translation management system.Censhare product comes in both the web flavour and java client flavour.Assets in censhare are basic data objects which possess metadata.Many different assets can be created in censhare and for each assets different features can be included.Every asset can be attached to a certain workflow and can be assigned to specific person.Different versions of the asset can be maintained.Version control can be controlled through the admin client and can differ by asset type and domain.Assets can be deleted in three ways irreversibly,marked for deletion,proposed for deletion.In censhare client assets can be searched using the key word search available in the search text box.Some of the assets in censhare for example are picture,calander,issue,schedule,person                     


•    Senior member in the java team.Responsibilities include development of new modules.
•    Take ownership of the modules.Improve existing functionality add new functionality.
•    Hands on coding java,xml,xslt,jquery,xpath,Q-ApI


XML,XSLT,Java6.0,swings,Q-API,Xpath,Censhare server`
Project : FIAT AMS                                                           

FIAT AMS project is for the end client IVECO.I participated in completion of enhancements and tickets.I worked as team lead for java related applications for FIAT AMS.There are about fifteen applications each with different technologies.For example rack management is one of the application wherein it used EJB,Spring,IBATIS.Costodel prodotto is another application it uses applets.REMOS application used EJB.Each of the application deals with the separate functionalities for example rack management is dealing with the packaging of the materials.It has functionalities for container planning,container booking,container movement.REMOS application deals with the remarketing,Costo del prodotto deals with the calculation of the cost of the product shipped from IVECO to the customer


•Travelled to customer place TORINO Italy to gather requirement specification and for a Knowledge transfer
•Helped team member’s to install applications on their desktop.Arranged KT sessions to team members from onsite.
•Worked on the enhancements and delivered to the client successfully.Enhancement’s from client is received as a technical requirement specification which included a request for modification of existing functionality.Did analysis and coding for requirement.
•Prepared DOU for team.Send DOU to client and got approval from the client.Set up meeting with team ex-plain functionalities to the team and make them understand.Helped to solve the complexity if any involved in the technical requirements
•Experience in software architecting.Worked on a reverse engineering for an application costo del prodotto.It had performace issues.Requirement from the client was to improve the performance of the product.I suggested to use Spring/Ibatis instead of EJB in the business layer.Hands on coding Spring/Ibatis.Successful implementation of new technologies.

Spring,IBATIS,Applets,EJB,RAD6.0,Oracle9i,Toad,SQL,PL-SQL,Eclipse,Websphere               6.0,Tomcat,JSP,HTML
Project : Application factory an industry specific standards              

The above project is done for the client AT & T.The target of this project is to automate the process of application factory selection.IRAM is a repository with different types of assets available.Whenever a customer walks in with a requirement, say a customer has a requirement of a project for VOIP.Customer presents to IBM a set of requirements.These sets of requirements are matched with the existing assets available in the IRAM.If there is a matching asset those asset’s are displayed to the customer.The customer tells his final decision after examining the assets


•There was totally five teams working for this project.Team 1 responsibility is to do project evaluation.Team 2 responsibility is to do pattern matching.Team 3 responsibility is to do factory configuration,Team 4 responsibility is to do create business case
•I was responsible for pattern matching,creation of web UI using spring,couch DB with the IRAM API.This web UI consisting of the front end HTML which gets the given input and matches the input with the repository to retrive the matching projects from the repository
Environment: JSF,HTML,Spring,Couch DB,IRAM,RSA,Tortoise CVS,Websphere 7.0

Project : Mitsubishi motor corporation                              

I participated in development of work performance management system for MMC.Work performace system is designed to input daily labor hours for MMC employees.It contains two main modules JobClaimRegistration and GDRequest system.JobClaimRegistration contains inputing job hours add,modify,delete the inputted data.Approve and inquiry modules have provision to approve JobClaim.Approver previlages are controlled by the username/password combination during logging in the login page.GD Request System deals with creating service request by GDMember.For one particular GDNumber there are a couple of service request associated.Indian member will work on the service request and claim the hours using the JobClaimSystem.


•Worked in the capacity of TL & IC.Responsibilities included requirement analysis,development,design,use case documentation.
•Created screen specification after getting a KT from the Japan team.
•Set up the development environment for the team members.
•Did code review for the modules in JobClaimSystem
•Took ownership of the module.Supervised team members in technical activity and task allocation.Handled development task in java.Did integration testing.

JSF,HTML,Struts,Oracle 9i,XML,RAD 6.0,Toad,SQL,Pl-SQL,Websphere 7.0
Project : Mitsubishi UFJ Trust bank                            

I worked as a part of team that worked for the implementation of Calypso to the existing banking applica-tion.Calypso contains a set of API written in java that would compute the Quote,Curves,Surfaces colletral management,cash management etc.Calypso product is built upon java API.


•Participated in the development using core java technologies.
•Used Rational application developer for writing Java code.Used UML class diagrams as a reference to the coding.
•Participated in the client calls from Japan
•Used CVS for checking in the code to the repository

JSF,Java,UML,RAD 6.0,Websphere 7.0
Project : Infinys.

Infinys is a telecom billing and rating product.This product can be integrated in any telecom software for imple-menting the rating and billing concepts. The operational environment of infinys is designed into exten-sions,applications and platforms.The extensions form the componets like wireline services,ip services wherein the product can be suitably customized to the clients requirements.The applications are designed into customer service management,order management,rating and billing ,partner management.The customer service managemet forms the view of the product wherein a csr operates.The order management is the core of the infinys product it is where the business logic of the product lies.Platform is comprised of frameworks like that of data access frameworks,integration framework.


•Wrote IML for developing the EJB.
•Wrote Junit test cases and run the test cases with ant.
•Compiled the IML using ant.
•Developed the product analysis document and the componet analysis document.

JSP,HTML,Java,EJB,IML,Toplink,Weblogic 8.1

Project : Phoenix color corporation.

This is an intranet project developed for Phoenix color corporation.This project uses the Struts framework.Tile layout and Tile definitions are used for the presentation layer.The Strutsconfig.xml is used for mapping the presentation layer,action class and form bean definitions.Validations are done using validator framework includes validator rules and the validator. xml files.Validator plugin is written in Strutsconfig.xml.The core functionality of the PCC project is the management of data records for customer and inventory management.There are screens for add/search/edit  customer group,customer,customeraccount and quirk details.A purchase order is placed to the vendor for purchasing the Materials/Equipments.The purchase order can be edited/searched.After placing the purchase order the Material/Equipment is shipped to PCC which is reflected in the shipment screen receive/return/approve receipts of the material shipped.A separate inventoy is maintained and the material usage from the inventory is tracked by allocate material/update inventory/place requisition.


•Designed Class diagrams and use case diagrams using Rational Rose.
•Designed,developed,coded,tested implemented and maintained Java/J2EE using MVC-Struts for presentation to data layer interfaces for the customer management module of the Phoenix color corporation.
•Used Hibernate to connect to the database.Worked on Postgre-Sql and MySql.Trouble shooted the application when migrating from Postgre-Sql to MySql.
•Developed the front end JSP with Tilelayout/Tile definitions for Data display and user interaction and optimized the implementation.
•Responsible for developing the business layer reusable components.
•Wrote functional specifications(UML use cases) and design specification(Rational rose &UML)EAI layer,Business layer and Web services.
•Involved in the development of XML utility and Environmental utility assemblies.
•Unit testing and Implementation.
•Preparation of unit test cases.


Java,J2EE,STRUTS, PostgreSQL, MySql, Hibernate, PgAdmin, VSS, XML, CrystalReports
9.0 and Multithreading,JSP tiles,Weblogic 8.1

Project : TEDS

This is an intranet project developed for C.B.M Technologies U.S.A. The frontend is using JSP/TILE framework. A Front controller is used for handling the http request/response that is forwarded to the Session facade for executing the business logic to complete the use case.I used MySQL to connect to the database.     


•Designed Class diagrams and use case diagrams using Rational Rose.
•Developed JSP pages for the creation of the GUI in the presentation layer.
•Developed business layer using Struts
•Analysed the requirements of the project and actively involved in the Estimation of the software development.
•Unit,Integration and System testing with the client’s product documentation.
•Heavily used scripting technologies like JavaScript, DHTML etc.
•Preparation of Unit test cases.


Java/J2EE/EJB, PostgreSQL, MySql, PgAdmin, VSS, XML, CrystalReports
9.0 and Multithreading,JSP,HTML,Weblogic 8.1


Mutual Funds and Brokerage

The orbipack brokerage system will form the core product processor for the OnBourse brokerage service. The general purpose is to prepare a front-end and back-end platform which allow looking to any broker solution. Orbipack brokerage is currently used by Citibank by international personal banking group(IPB) and the india business.The presentation layer is in JSP and the business layer uses the stateless session bean. The data layer is designed using oracle 8i.


•Designed database, created tables using Oracle 8i.
•Performed Unit and System testing, Configuration management and Deployed system.
•Created unit test cases.
•Develped business objects using Stateless session bean.
•Deployed the application in Weblogic server.

JAVA/ J2EE/ EJB, Weblogic 8.1, Ms-SQL, Toad, CuteFTPpro and JavaScript.

Project  : Online ordering system.
This core functionality of this project deals with the placing of orders for the retail shopping. Customer can view the product details in the presentation layer. When an order is placed by the customer using JDBC it is stored in the database and could be retrieved later on.


Created Prototype for the project using HTML.
Did the Analysis and the requirements gathering.
Created HLD and LLD.


Project: Remote Banking.

This project involved in setting up a web based banking system for chase manhattan bank.A B2B site for online banking transactions.I did the requirement gathering,specification and design of the remote banking system using UML methodology and OOP.


Designed the GUI using JSP and the business logic with EJB.



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