Oracle DBA Resume

5 Years Experience Oracle DBA Resume

BIPIN NAIR                      
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Professional Summary:
•Having 4 years of experience as an  Oracle Database Administrator.
•Having 1.5 year  experience as an  SOA Administrator.
•Experience in Oracle Standalolne & RAC  Database Administration (10g ).
•Implemented 3 Node RAC using Cluster file systems.
•Creation and Administration of High Availability Services using SRVCTL.
•Administring Cluster using CRSCTL.
•Managing Backup & Recovery in RAC database using RMAN Scripts.
•Backup & Restore Clusterware file(ocr & voting) in RAC.
•Knowledge on Clusterware Architecture.
•Experience in handling Production Database Support & Maintenance.
•Very flexible and can work independently as well as in a team environment.
•Good knowledge on Oracle Database Architecture.
•Oracle Server Installations on UNIX Flavors.
•Creating users and Providing quotas, roles, privileges and profiles to users.
•Creation of DB links and Materialized Views.
•Experience in Import & Export, data pump (expdp/impdp) Utilities.
•Experience in taking Online, Offline and RMAN Backups.
•Performed number of dev, test Cloning from PROD databases.
•Experience on configuration and Administration of Oracle streams.
•Knowledge on Creation and Administration of Physical Standby Databases.
•Collecting performance statistics using Statspack/AWR (Automatic workload Repository).
•To View Post and pre execution plan by using TKPROF (Trace Kernel Profile) Utilitie Explain Plan.
•Experienced in applying the Patches.
•Experience in scheduling jobs using crontab.

•Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech.) Government SKSJT Technological Institute Bangalore - karnataka


•Working as Oracle DBA in  TCS, from Augest 2011 to till date.
•Worked as Oracle DBA in HCL, from Jan 2010 to July 2011.


Operating system    :     RHEL,Solaris.
Database     :     Oracle 9i/10g (Standalone & RAC)
Programing    :     SQL & PL/SQL(basic).
Scripting        :     Unix Shell Scripting.
Project # 1                   XXXXX 2011 to till date.
Client                 : Thomson reute
Company        : TCS 
Role                 : Oracle DBA and SOA administrator
Environment    : Oracle 10g(R2)  standalone and RAC on Solaris.


•Working on Oracle10g RAC  installation.
•Working on 10g RAC databases and implemented.
•Working on SOA setup and administration.
•Working on production releases(deployments).
•Working on streams configuration and administration.
•Installed patchsets by  using Opatch utility..
•Creation and Administration of High Availability Services using SRVCTL.
•Managing Backup & Recovery in RAC database using RMAN Scripts.
•Backup & Restore Clusterware file(ocr & voting) in RAC.
•Cloning from production database to test  database by using Rman cloning methods.
•MonitoringPhysical Structure of Oracle Database like Datafiles,Redologfiles,Controlfiles.
•Taking the backup of OCR &VOTE disk and maintaing.
•Resolving Node Eviction issues in a RAC systems.
•Troubleshooting oracle clusterware & Diagnosing Information from Cluster & Oracle home.
•Performance Monitoring & Tunning in stand alone and RAC system.

Project # 2        XXXXX 2010 to XXXXX 2011.
Client        : Cisco
Company        : HCL
Role        : Oracle DBA
Environment    : Oracle 10g(R2) on RedHat Linux(AS4).


•Managing day-to-day activities and database maintenance.
•Database creation as per customer requirements.
•Creation of additional tablespaces and adding data files to tablespaces whenever required.
•Monitoring alert log to monitor the day-to-day DBA activities.
•Creation of ASM databases and managing the ASM instances.
•Monitoring the scheduled backups, and refiring the backups in case of failures.
•Performed database Hot and Cold backup and recovery for 10g databases
•Having experience in creation and maintenance of the users along with security roles and privileges.
•Database Cloning as per requirement.
•Maintenance of Tablespaces , Datafiles, Control files, Redolog files.
•Database Maintenance for Archive logging.
•Taking Back-up of the Database.
•Recovering the Database at critical times.
•Taking Back-up of the Database (Physical & Logical).
•Database monitoring and Administration activities.
•Creating tablespaces, users and roles for test environment.
•Upgradation of database from lower version to higher version.
•Knowledge on Recovery of the database in case of failures .
•Creating Database links based on customer requests.
•Managing Data Tablespace, Undo Tablespace, Temporary Tablespace.
•Worked with customers based upon the impact of the issues.
•Working with the customers to fix up the issues.
•Cloned production database for test purposes.

• Date of Birth 19th July 1980

• Marital Status Single, Married

• Passport Holding an Indian passport valid until 2016


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