UFT Add ins

UFT Add ins

What is UFT Add in and how many Add ins are there in UFT? 

In general terms Add in means additional component.
UFT/QTP point of view Add-in means Environment compatible files.

There are 20 Add ins available in UFT Tool.

i) Internal Add ins

    1) Standard Windows (built-in)
    2) Activex
    3) Visual Basic
    4) Web

ii) External Add ins

    5) Java
    6) .NET for web forms
    7) .NET for Windows forms
    8) WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)
    9) SAP for GUI
    10) SAP for Web
    11) People soft
    12) Siebel
    13) Power Builder
    14) Delphi
    15) Web Services
    16) Oracle (For Oracle Apps Applications)
    17) TE (Terminal Emulators) for Main Frame Applications
    18) Stingray
    19) Small talk
    20) Silver Light  



What is the Add in for supporting SQL Server Database?

No Add in required for supporting databases (Oracle or SQL Server or MySQL etc...), UFT (formerly QTP) has an integrated SQL Engine, it supports database operations using SQL Engine.

IN UFT Tool editor we can execute SQL Statements, no Add in is required.

How to select appropriate Add ins for a Project?

Selecting Add ins depends on UI (User Interface) design technology.

Is there any Add in for AS/400 Applications?

What is the Add in for recognizing Windows Desktop Object?

Add ins selection based on User Interface design Technology.

I'm on a trial and need the java add-in. It's not on my add-in list. How do I install/enable it?? Where do I get it from?

Yes, for AS/400 you can use the Siebel Add-in(Terminal Emulator)

Hi, I would want to view the source code of an application. Could you please let me know the add in which is to be required while loading the UFT ?

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