Disadvantages of Manual Testing

Disadvantages of Manual Testing

•    Manual Testing requires more time or more resources, some times both

•    Performance testing is impractical in manual testing.

•    Less Accuracy

•    Executing same tests again and again time taking process as well as Tedious.

•    GUI Objects Size difference and Color combinations etc.. are not easy to find in Manual Testing.

•    Not Suitable for Large scale projects and time bounded projects.

•    Batch Testing is not possible, for each and every test execution Human user interaction is mandatory.

•    Manual Test Case scope is very limited, if it is Automated test, scope is unlimited.

•    Comparing large amount of data is impractical

•    Checking relevance of search of operation is difficult

•    Processing change requests during software maintenance takes more time.

Manual Testing:

Testing Computer Software manually without using any Automation Tools.


What is meant by
GUI objects size difference and color combination and others which is not easy to find out in manual testing.

please give me an example of no accuracy..

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