UFT Interview Questions-1

HP UFT Introduction

1) What is HP UFT?

Unified Functional Testing is a Functional and Regression Test Tool from HP.

It is an upgraded version of QTP Tool, QTP supports GUI testing only where as UFT supports GUI and API Testing.

UFT = QTP + Service Tools

Basically UFT is a Functional and Regression Test Tool, but it also supports little bit Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing and Reliability Testing

HP UFT is I-tier Application or Desktop Application.

UFT developed in .NET Technology.

UFT doesn’t have any database for storing its resources, it stores resources using file format on File System (Hard Disk)

2) What are UFT Resources?

UFT uses some resources for generating and executing Tests, they are:

Shared Object Repository Files,

Function Library Files,

Environment Variables Files,

Recovery Scenario Files etc…

3) Is UFT Supports UNIX/Linux Operating environment?

No, It supports Windows operating environment only.

4) What is Add in?

Add in means Environment compatibility files.

5) How many Types of License available for UFT Tool?

2 Types

a)    Seat or Node Locked License

b)    Concurrent or Float License

6) What is the Latest Version of UFT?

UFT 12.00 (Released in March 2014)

7) What is UFT IDE?

UFT is an Integrated Development environment for creating and executing Tests.

It has 3 types of features support.

a)    Direct features

b)    Integrated Tools from HP

c)    Integrated Tools from Others

8) Is UFT supports Database Testing?

Yes, UFT has an integrated SQL engine, we can use SQL commands in UFT Tool Editor.

No Add in is required for communicating with any Database.

9) How to select appropriate Add ins for Testing our Software Applications?

UFT is an Object based Test Tool , based on front-end objects its supports Test operations, so based on User Interface design technology we need to select Add ins.

But for Database Testing No Add in is required.

10) Is UFT communicates with Text, word and Excel files?

Yes, UFT can communicate with Text, Word and Excel files using VBScript Automation Objects.

11) Can we use Flow control statements in UFT?

Yes, UFT has integrated VBScript engine we can use VBScript Conditional and Loop statements to enhance tests.

12) What is Keyword Driven Testing?

UFT Supports advance Keyword Driven Testing, in this approach keywords can be used to create and execute tests.


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