Checkpoints in UFT

Checkpoints in UFT

What is Checkpoint?

It is a verification point takes expected result from the user, compares with Actual result during execution and provides test result.

Types of Checkpoints (9+3)

1) Standard Checkpoint

It checks object property value

2) Text Checkpoint

It checks text value of an object in different ways

3) Text Area Checkpoint

It checks text area present in the application in different ways

4) Bitmap Checkpoint

It compares two bitmaps

5) Database Checkpoint

It checks content of database cell wise

6) Accessibility Checkpoint

It checks weather the web page was developed according to w3c standards or not?

7) XML Checkpoint (From Application)

It checks content of XML page

8) XML Checkpoint (From Resource)

It checks content of XML file

9) File Content checkpoint (*New)

It checks content of a text file

10) Page Checkpoint

It checks No of Links, No of Images and creation time of the web page

11) Image Checkpoint

It checks properties of Image object

12) Table Checkpoint

It checks content of a web table cell wise
Note 1: From 10 to 12 Checkpoints are hidden Checkpoints, can be inserted using standard checkpoint

Note 2: From 6 to 12, except File Content checkpoint are only for web.

Note 3: Database, XML (From Resource and File content checkpoint are back-end checkpoints.


Very useful about chkpnts..

Can we use check points on real time applications?
Is this the best practices to use the check points?

Hello Sir, I'm trying to use File content check point - to verify the values in PDF and facing some issues while using datatable parameterization. Could you please help me.

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