Manual Testing Training Videos

Manual Testing Training Videos

I) Introduction

•    What is Computer Software?
•    Types of Software
•    Before Software Development
II) Overview on Software Testing

•    SDLC Models
•    Test Levels
•    Test Types
•    Test Design Techniques
•    Software Test Process
•    Software Quality Standards
•    Software Test Documents

III) Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

•    Requirements Gathering
•    Analysis and Planning
•    Software Design
•    Coding or Implementation
•    Testing
•    Release & Maintenance

IV) Waterfall Model

•    Description
•    Advantages of Waterfall Model
•    Disadvantages of Waterfall Model
•    Where it is applicable?

V) V Model

•    Quality, Software Quality, SQA, SQC, Verification, Validation
•    Description
•    Advantages of V Model
•    Disadvantages of V Model
•    Where it is applicable?

VI) Prototype Model

VII) Spiral Model

VII) Agile Development

VIII) Software Application Environment

•    I-tier Applications
•    II-tier Applications
•    III-tier or Web Applications
•    N-tier or Distributed Applications


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