An Overview on Computer Software

An Overview on Computer Software

Software: Computer programs, procedures, and possibly associated documentation and data pertaining to the operation of a computer system.


Set of Programs, take input, process the input and provide output.


Set of instructions or statements to perform operations

Statement or Instruction:

A minimal executable unit.

I) Different types of Software:

1.    Operating Systems:

2.    Programming Languages:

3.    Scripting languages:

4.    Database Technologies:

5.    Web Technologies:

6.    ERP Packages:

7.    Others:

II) Classification of Software:

1)    System Software

2)    Programming Software

3)    Application Software:

III) Types of Software Environment:

1)    I-Tier Application or Stand-alone Application

2)    II-Tier or Client/Server Application

3)    III-Tier or Web Applications

4)    N-Tier or Distributed Applications

IV) Types of Web Applications

1)    Web sites

2)    Web Portals

3)    Web Applications

4)    Email Service providers

5)    Social Networking sites

6)    Others


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