Selenium Quick Tutorial

Selenium Step by Step Tutorials
Selenium Tutorial
I) Selenium Quick Tutorials

Tutorial 1: Introduction to Selenium

(What is Selenium?, History of the Selenium Project, Selenium's Tool Suite, Selenium License, Platforms supported by Selenium, Selenium Environment Setup, and Advantages & Disadvantages of Selenium) 
Tutorial 2: Selenium Test Life Cycle

(Phases of Software Test Process - Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution and Test Closure. Phases of Selenium Test Process - Planning, Generating Basic Tests, Enhancing Test Cases, Running Test Cases, Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects.)
Tutorial 3: Java Quick Tutorial for Selenium Part-1

(Introduction to Java, Java Environment Setup, Data Types, Modifiers, Variables, Operators, Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, User defined Methods and Exception handling)
Tutorial 4: Java Quick Tutorial for Selenium Part-2

(Introduction to Java, Java Environment Setup, Data Types, Modifiers, Variables, Operators, Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, User defined Methods and Exception handling)
Tutorial 5: Selenium Quick Tutorial Part 1

(Introduction to Selenium WebDriver, Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup, Web Elements in Selenium, Element Locators and WebDriver API Commands)
Tutorial 6: Selenium Quick Tutorial Part 2

(Writing Selenium Test Cases, Cross Browser Testing, Batch Testing, and Data Driven Testing)
Tutorial 7: TestNG Framework in Selenium

(Introduction to TestNG Framework, Install TestNG in Eclipse IDE, TestNG Annotations, Write TestNG Test Cases, Prioritize Test Cases, Run mulitiple programs using XML file, Grouping Test Cases, Parallel Test Execution and Data Driven Testing)
II) Selenium Detailed Tutorials

Module I: Test Automation and Selenium Basics 

1.0 Overview of Test Automation

    1.1 Disadvantages of Manual Testing

    1.2 Advantages of Test Automation

    1.3 Disadvantages of Test Automation

    1.4 Types of Test Tools 

    1.5 Overview of Functional Testing

2.0 Introduction to Selenium

    2.1 Introduction to Selenium

    2.2 History of the Selenium Project

    2.3 Selenium Components

    2.4 Platforms Supported by Selenium

    2.5 Selenium License

    2.6 Selenium Environment Setup

    2.7 Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium

    2.8 Selenium Versus UFT (formerly QTP)

3.0 Software Test Process

    3.1 Test Planning

    3.2 Test Design

    3.3 Test Execution

    3.4 Test Closure

4.0 Selenium Test Process

    4.1 Test Planning

    4.2 Generating basic Tests

    4.3 Enhancing Tests

    4.4 Running & Debugging Tests

    4.5 Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects

5.0 Java for Selenium (Overview)

    5.1 Why Java is preferred for Selenium?

    5.2 How much Java is required for Selenium?

    5.3 Java Fundamentals

    5.4 Java Object Oriented Programming
Module II: Java for Selenium (in detail)

 A) Java Fundamentals

1) Java Environment Setup

2) Java Program Structure

3) Java Programming Example 

4) Comments in Java

5) Java Data Types

6) Modifiers in Java

7) Java Variables

8) Operators in Java

9) Java Conditional Statements

10) Java Loop Statements

11) String Handling in Java

12) Input and Output Operations

13) Java Arrays

14) File Handling in Java

15) Working with Excel

16) Working with Databases

17) Java Built in Methods

18) User defined Methods in Java

19) Constructors in Java

20) Java Exception Handling

B) Java Object Oriented Programming

1) Java Interfaces

2) Inheritance

3) Polymorphism

4) Abstraction

5) Encapsulation
Module III: Selenium WebDriver

1) Introduction Selenium WebDriver

2) Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup

3) Write first Selenium Test Case

4) Web Elements and Operations

5) Element Locators

6) Selenium WebDriver Commands / Methods

7.0 Handling Elements

    7.1 Handling Browser

    7.2 Handling Edit box

    7.3 Handling Text Area, Error Message

    7.4 Handling Window Popup

    7.5 Handling Button

    7.6 Handling Images

    7.7) Handling Link

    7.8) Handling Radio Button

    7.9) Handling Drop down box

    7.10) Handling Check box

    7.11) Handling Web Table / HTML table

    7.12) Handling Frames

    7.13) Handling Mouse hover

    7.14) Handling Multiple Browsers

8) Cross Browser Testing

9) Writing Selenium Test Cases

10) Writing Positive and Negative Test Cases

11) Writing Test Cases using User defined Methods

12) Batch Testing

13) Data Driven Testing

14) Page Object Model (POM)

15) Synchronization in Selenium WebDriver
Module IV: Selenium IDE

1) Introduction to Selenium IDE

2) Element Locators and Selenese Commands

3) Create Selenium IDE Test Cases

4) Enhance and Debug Test Cases 
Module V: TestNG Testing Framework

1) Introduction to TestNG Testing Framework

2) Install TestNG and write First TestNG Test Case

3) Create multiple Test Cases and Execute Test Suite

4) Prioritizing Test Cases

5) Executing multiple Programs / Classes using XML file

6) Grouping Test Cases

7) Parallel Test Execution

8) Data Driven Testing using DataProvider 
Module VI) Selenium Live Project Overview

Functional Test Automation using Selenium

1) Project Information

2) Project Description

3) Interfaces of the Application

4) Features to be Tested in Admin Interface

5) Features to be Tested in User Interface

6) Derive Smoke Test Cases (For Admin and user Interfaces) from Requirements

7) Derive All Possible Test Cases (For Admin and user Interfaces) from Requirements
• Selenium's Tools suite is mainly used for Functional and Regression Testing.

• Selenium supports Web Applications Test Automation only.

• Selenium supports various Operating environments like MS Windows, Linux and Macintosh etc...   


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