Overview on UFT

UFT Tutorial Part 2 (Overview on UFT)
i) UFT Version History

Astra QuickTest (1.0 to 5.0)

QTP - 5.6 - 2002

6.5 - 2003

8.0 - 2004

8.2 - 2005

9.0 - 2006

9.2 - 2007 --------Mercury Interactive

9.5 - 2008 ------------HP-----------
10.00 -2009

11.00 - 2010

UFT 11.5 - 2012

UFT 12.01 Latest version

ii) UFT Product Information

UFT is a Functional and Regression Test Tool

UFT developed in .NET technology

UFT is I-tier Application / Desktop Application

    UFT Resources
        Shared object Repositories
        Function Library files
        Environment Variables files
        Recovery scenario files
        Test Data files etc...
UFT stores its resources using File format on HDD

UFT is an Object based Test Tool

    Software Objects in Windows based Environment:

Window, Dialog box, Button, Radio Button, Edit box, Check box, Drop-down box, List bix, Combo box etc...

    Software Objects in Web based Environment:

Browser, Page, Link, Image, Button, Radio Button, Edit box, Check box, Drop-down box, List bix, Combo box etc...

For Database Testing no front end object reference is required

UFT has MS Access Engine for Database operations and VBScript engine for Scripting

UFT has 2 editors

    UFT Tool Editor view
    Function Library
iii) UFT Supporting environments

a) Application Environment

CUI based

Windows based

Web based
b) Operating Environment

MS Windows

UNIX / Linux/Solaris etc... (Doesn’t)

Client side

MS Windows - 86%

UNIX / Linux/Solaris etc... 10%
Server side

MS Windows - 46%

UNIX -46%
iv) UFT Add ins
Add in

Environment compatible files

a) Internal Add ins
    1) Standard Windows (Built-in)
    2) Activex
    3) Visual Basic
    4) Web

b) External Add ins

5) Java

6) .NET for windows forms

7) .NET for Web forms

8) WPF

9) SAP for GUI

10) SAP for Web

11) Siebel

12) Peoplesoft

13) Power Builder

14) Delphi

15) Stingray

16) Smalltalk

17) TE

18) Oracle

19) Web services

20) Silver light
How to select Appropriate Add ins?

3 web based Applications developed using Java technology

1App    2App    3App
Web    Activex    Activex   
    Web    Web
v) UFT License

a) Seat / Node locked

b) Concurrent / Float


has 3 types of features support

a) Direct features

Recording, Object Spy, Checkpoints, Data Table, Step generator, Object Repository etc...

b) Integrate Tools from HP

Password Encoder, Test Batch Runner, Test Results deletion tool etc...

c) Integrate Tools from Others

MS Access Database engine for Database operations

VBScript engine for Scripting

MS Script debugger for debugging Tests


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