Selenium Online Training With Project

Selenium Online Training with Project
Weekday Training Program will commence on:            ******

Contact Details:
    Phone: 91-7032677426
Timings: weekday Program (Monday to Friday)

6:30 AM to 8:30 AM IST (Indian Standard Time)
9:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST
8:00 PM to 10:00 PM CST
6:00 PM to  8:00 PM PST
Duration: 80 Hours (Daily 2 hours, 8 Weeks)
Fee: 350 US Dollars
a) Manual Testing Concepts
b) Programming Fundamentals
c) HTML Fundamentals
Selenium Course Brochure
Selenium Training Payment Details:

Module I) Test Automation and Selenium Basics

Session 1: Overview on Test Automation

    • Disadvantages of Manual Testing 
    • Advantages of Test Automation   
    • Disadvantages of Test Automation   
    • Types of Test Tool   
    • Overview on Functional Testing   
    • Overview on Web testing

Session 2: ATLM (Automated Test Life Cycle Methodology)

    • Automation Feasibility Analysis   
    • Test Tool Selection and Environment Setup   
    • Test Planning and Test development   
    • Test Execution   
    • Test Result Generation and Analysis   
    • Maintenance of Test Automation Resources

Session 3: Selenium Test Process

    • Test Planning   
    • Generating basic Tests

    • Enhancing Tests
    • Running and Debugging Tests
    • Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects

Session 4: Overview on Selenium 

    • Introducing Selenium
    • History of Selenium Project

    • Selenium License
    • Selenium Supporting Environments / Platforms
    • Selenium Suite of Tools
    • Selenium Versus UFT
    • Advantages of Selenium
    • Disadvantages of Selenium
    • Testing Frameworks used in Selenium
    • Selenium Certification
    • Choosing Selenium Tools
    • Configure Selenium

Session 5: Selenium Suite of Tools

    • Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)  
    • Selenium RC (Remote Control)
    • Selenium Grid
    • Selenium WebDriver

Session 6: Java for Selenium (Roadmap)

    • Why Java for Selenium?

A) Java Fundamentals
    • Overview on Java

    • Java Environment Setup 
    • Java Syntax / Structure of Java Program 
    • Java Package, Classes and Objects    
    • Comments in Java
    • Java Data Types 
    • Java Variables 
    • Java Modifiers 
    • Java Operators
    • Constructor in Java 
    • Java Condition Statement 
    • Java Loop statements 
    • Java Numbers, Characters and Strings 
    • Java Arrays
    • Java Regular Expressions 
    • Java Methods
    • Java I/O and File Operations
    • Java Exception Handling

Session 7: Java Object Oriented Programming (Roadmap)

    • Java Inheritance 
    • Method Overriding in Java 
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstract Class
    • Encapsulation 
    • Interfaces in Java
    • Java Packages

Module II) Java for Selenium 
Selenium Online Training
Session 1: Overview on Java Programming    

    • What is Java?
    • History of Java
    • Types of Java Applications
    • Features of Java
    • Java Environment
    • Usage of Java in Selenium

Session 2: Java Environment Setup and write 1st Program    

    • Download and Install Java
    • Set path Environment Variable
    • Download and extract Eclipse IDE
    • Java Syntax
    • Write a Sample Program

Session 3: Comments in Java    

    • Purpose of Comments
    • Comments syntax in Java
    • Comment a block of Statements
    • usage of Comments in Selenium Test Cases

Session 4: Java Data Types    

    • Types of Data Types in Java
    A) Primitive Data Types    

    • byte
    • short
    • int
    • long
    • float
    • double
    • char
    • boolean

    B) Non Primitive Data Types    

    • Objects
    • Arrays

Session 5: Java Modifiers    

A) Access Modifiers
    • private
    • public
    • default
    • protected

    B) Non Access Modifiers
    • static
    • final
    • abstract

Session 6: Java Variables
    • Declaration of Variables
    • Assigning values to Variables
    Types of Variables    

    • Static Variables
    • Instance Variables
    • Local variables
    Naming Conventions

Session 7: Java Operators

    • Assignment Operators
    • Arithmetic Operators
    • Relational Operators
    • Logical Operators

Session 8: String Handling in Java   

    • Creating Strings
    • Concatenating Strings
    • String Comparison
    • Operations on Strings

Session 9: Java Conditional Statements    

    • Types of Conditional Statements in Java
    • If Statement
    • Switch Statement
    • Single, Compound and Nested Conditions

Session 10: Java Loop Statements    

    • for loop
    • while loop
    • do while loop
    • Enhanced for loop
    • Nested loops

Session 11: Arrays in Java
    • Declaration of Arrays
    • Operations on Arrays
    • Advantages of Arrays
    • Disadvantages of Arrays
    • Types of Arrays

Session 12: Java Built in Methods
    • Java Number Methods
    • Java Character Methods
    • Java String Methods
    • Java Array Methods

    • Java Date & Time Methods

Session 13: Java User defined Methods
 • Creating Methods

 • Types of user defined Methods

 • Method with return value

 • Method without return any Value

 • Method Overloading

Session 14: File and IO operations in Java
• Reading Input using Scanner
• Display Output
• File Operations
    Create a Folder
    Create a Text file
    Delete a Folder
    Delete a Text file

Session 15: Exception Handling in Java 

• Common scenarios where exceptions may occur
• try block for exception handling.
• Multiple try blocks for handling multiple exceptions.

Session 16: Inheritance
• Inheriting Classes
• Single Inheritance
• Multi level Inheritance
• Hierarchical Inheritance

Session 17: Abstraction

Session 18: Polymorphism

• Compile time Polymorphism / Method Overloading
• Runtime Polymorphism / Method Overriding

Session 19: Encapsulation 
Module III) Selenium WebDriver
Selenium Online Training
Session 1: Selenium WebDriver Introduction
    • What is Selenium WebDriver?
    • WebDriver Features
    • Selenium IDE Vs Selenium WebDriver
    • Selenium RC Vs Selenium WebDriver
    • Advantages of WebDriver
    • Limitations of WebDriver

Session 2: WebDriver Environment Setup and Write 1st Test Case
    • Download and Install Java (JDK) Software
    • Download Eclipse IDE and Extract.
    • Download Selenium WebDriver Java Language Binding
    • Add WebDriver jar files in Eclipse
    • Download and install Firebug and Firepath Add ons
    • Write Test Case using Element locators and WebDriver Methods

Session 3: Element Locators in Selenium
    • Inspect Elements using Firebug and Firepath in Firefox Browser
    • Inspect Elements using Developer Tools(built-in) in IE Browser
    • Inspect Elements using Developer Tools(built-in) in Chrome Browser
    • id
    • name
    • className
    • tagName
    • linkText
    • partialLinkText
    • cssSelector
    • xpath

Session 4: WebDriver Methods Part-1
    Browser Methods
    • get()
    • getTitle()
    • getCurrentUrl()
    • getPageSource()
    • getWindowHandle()
    • close()
    • quit()
    Browser Navigation Methods    • navigate().To() Method:
    • navigate().back() Method
    • navigate().forward() Method
    • navigate().refresh() Method
    Methods to handle mutiple Browsers

Session 5: WebDriver Methods Part-2
    Methods on Elements
    • findElement()
    • findElements()
    • sendKeys()
    • clear()
    • Click()
    • isEnabled()
    • isDisplayed()
    • isSelected()
    • getText()
    • selectByVisibleText()
    • selectByIndex()
    • Other Metods

Session 6: Handle Elements in WebDriver Part-1
    • Handle Browser
    • Handle Edit box / Text Box
    • Handle Link Element
    • Handle Button
    • Handle Text Area / Message
    • Handle Dropdown box /List box
    • Handle Radio Button
    • Handle Check Box

Session 7: Handle Elements in WebDriver Part-2
    • Handle Image / Image Button / Image Link
    • Handle Web Table / html Table
    • Handle Frames
    • Handle Multiple Browsers
    • Handle Mouse hover
    • Handle Span
    • Handle Duplicate elements

Session 8: WebDriver Test Case Examples Part-1
    • Write a Test case for Gmail Login Functionality
    • Customer Registration in Online shopping portal
    • Customer Login in Online shopping portal
    • Check Object existance
    • Verify Object states(Selected, Enabled, Displayed...)
Session 9: WebDriver Test Case Examples Part-2

Session 10: Cross Browser Testing

    • Browser Drivers (Firefox, IE and Chrome)
    • Executing Selenium Test cases using Firefox
    • Executing Selenium Test cases using Internet Explorer
    • Executing Selenium Test cases using Google Chrome

Session 11: Enhancing WebDriver Test Cases
    • Insert Verification Points
    • Add Comments
    • Synchronization
    • Parametrization
    • Exception Handling

Module IV) Selenium IDE 

•  Selenium IDE Introduction
•  Download & Install Selenium IDE
•  Selenium IDE Features
•  Record and Run Tests
•  Generate Tests Manually
•  Selenese Commands
•  Debug Selenium IDE Tests
•  Enhancing Selenium IDE Tests

Module V) Framework Implementation
TestNG in Selenium
TestNG Automation Framework

• Introduction to TestNG Testing Framework
• Install TestNG and write First TestNG Test Case
• Create multiple Test Cases and Execute Test Suite
• Prioritizing Test Cases
• Executing multiple Programs / Classes using XML file
• Grouping Test Cases
• Parallel Test Execution
• Data Driven Testing using DataProvider

Module VI) Selenium Project 

Functional Test Automation using Selenium

• Project Information
• Project Description
• Interfaces of the Application
• Features to be Tested in Admin Interface
• Features to be Tested in User Interface
• Derive Smoke Test Cases (For Admin and user Interfaces) from Requirements
• Derive All Possible Test Cases (For Admin and user Interfaces) from Requirements


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I am not conducting Manual Testing Training, conducting Selenium Online Training only. You can see the selenium schedule top of this page.

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Is it possible that we can get more salary as compare to automation testing?

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Class Notes also available in Video Pages (I posted the class notes as Comment in for Every Video)...


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