Software Testing Interview Questions

Software Testing Interview Questions

1) What is Software Testing?

Testing is the process of evaluating a system or its component(s) with the intent to find that whether it satisfies the specified requirements or not.

2) What is Manual Testing?

Testing Computer Software manually without using any automated tool or any script

3) What is Test Automation?

Test Automation is a process in which software Test tools execute pre-scripted tests on a software application.

4) What is SDLC?

It is a Systematic approach to develop Software Applications.

5) What are the important SDLC models that available in the IT industry?

•    Waterfall Mode
•    V Model
•    Spiral Model
•    Agile Models etc…

6) What is STLC?

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) defines the steps or stages or phases in Software testing. There is no fixed standard of STLC in the world, it may vary from one company to another.

7) What are the phases of STLC or Software Test Process?

•    Test Planning
•    Test Design
•    Test Execution
•    Evaluating the exit criteria and Test Closure.

8) What is Test Level? 

A Group of Test activities that are organized and managed together.

9) What are the Test Levels in Software Development?

•    Unit Testing
•    Integration Testing
•    System Testing
•    Acceptance Testing

10) Who are the Testers in Unit Testing Level?

11) Who are the Testers in System Testing Level?
Independent Testers

12) Who are the Testers of Acceptance Testing Level?
End Users

13) What is Test Type?
A Group of Test Activities aimed at testing a component or system focused on a specific objective.

14) What are the different types of Test Types in Software Testing?
•    Functional Testing
•    Performance Testing
•    Usability Testing Etc…

15) What are the types of Test design methodologies in Software Testing?

•    White box Test design
•    Black box Test Design
•    Experience based

16) What are the important White box test design techniques?
Statement Testing
Condition Testing
Decision Testing etc…

17) What are the important Black box test design techniques?
Equalent Classes
Boundary Value Analysis
Decision Tables
State Transition Testing
Use case Testing etc…

18) What are the important Documents that can be produced during Testing?
Test Plan
Test Case
Test Data
Defect Report
Test Summary report etc…

19) What are Import Standards for Software Testing?


20) Can we use Manual Testing for all Types of Testing?

No, Performance Testing is impractical using Manual Testing methods. 

21) What are the important tasks in Software Testing?

•    Understanding Requirements
•    Test Design
•    Test Execution
•    Defect Reporting and Tracking
•    Conformation Testing


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