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UFT Training Videos

UFT Tutorial Part 1 Video
Overview on Test Automation
(Overview on Test Automation Video Tutorial explains Disadvantages of Manual Testing, Advantages of Test Automation, Disadvantages of Test Automation, Types of Test Tools and Functional testing.)
------------------------------------------------------------------------ UFT Tutorial Part 2 Video 
Overview on UFT Tool
(Overview on UFT Tool explains UFT Product Information, Version History, UFT License information, UFT supporting Environments, UFT Add ins and UFT IDE (Integrated development Environment).
UFT Tutorial Part 3 Video 
a) UFT Tool Architecture
(UFT Tool Window Architecture Video explains Key elements of UFT like UFT Tool Editor, Data Table, Active screen, and all menus of UFT from File menu to Help menu. It also explains UFT IDE (Integrated Development environment).) 
b) Software Test Process
(Software Test Process Video explains all phases of Software Test Process like Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution and Test Closure. It also explains UFT Test Planning phase.)
UFT Tutorial Part 4 Video
(UFT Test Process Tutorial explains UFT Test planning, Test Design and Enhancing Tests phases in UFT Test Process. It explains all test design methods like Recording, Descriptive programming and Test enhancing methods like Checkpoints, Output values, VBScript flow control statements etc...)
UFT Tutorial Part 5 Video
(UFT Test Process phases Running and Debugging Tests, Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects.
Types of Objects in UFT Test Automation, Run time objects, Test objects, Utility Objects and Automation Objects.
Types of statements in UFT Test, Test object statements, Utility statements Flow control statements, and Function calls etc...)

UFT Tutorial Part 6 Video
(Prerequisites for generating Tests, Record and Run Tests)


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