Introduction to HP UFT

UFT Class 1 (Introduction to HP UFT)

Unified Functional Testing = QTP + Service Tools

I) Version History
a) Astra QuickTest (1.0 to 5.0)

b) QTP 

5.6 -2002

6.5 -2003

8.0 - 2004



9.2 - 2007 --------Mercury Interactive)

9.5 -2008 ---------HP---------



UFT 11.5 -2012
UFT 12.02 -2014
II) UFT Product Information
UFT is a Functional and Regression Test Tool, supports Desktop and Web Applications

UFT developed in .NET technology

UFT is an object based Test tool

    Software objects in Desktop / Windows based applications

Window, Dialog box, Edit box, Button, Radio button, Check box, Drop down box, List box, Combo box etc...

     Software objects in Web based applications

Button, Radio Button, Edit box, List box etc...

Browser, Page, Link, Image etc.....

UFT has an integrated MS Access Database engine to support Database operations

UFT has vbscript engine to applay progrmming logic to Tests

    Work with flat files
    Work with Excel files
    Work with Database files

UFT is I-tier Application
III) UFT Supporting Environments
a) OS Environment
MS Windows


Client side

Windows: 85%
UNIX: 10%

server side:
Windows: 45%
UNIX: 45%

Selenium Windows, UNIX, Mac etc...
b) Application Environment
CUI based

Windows / Desktop

Web based

Selenium -Web applications only
c) Scripting / Programming

UFT VBScript

Selenium - Java/C#/Perl/Python/Ruby/PHP   
IV) UFT Add in
a) Internal add ins    1) Standard Windows (Built Add in)
    2) Activex
    3) Visual Basic
    4) Web

b) External Add ins
5) Java

6) .NET for windows forms

7) .NET for web forms

8) WPF

9) SAP for GUI

10) SAP for web

11) Peoplesoft

12) Siebel

13) Power Builder

14) Delphi

15) Web services

16) TE

17) Oracle

18) Smalltalk

19) Stingray

20) Silver Light
How to select appropriate Add ins for AUT:
3 web applications, developed using Java technology

1st App        2nd App        3rd App
Web        Activex        Activex
        Web        Web
Based on UI design.

V) UFT License:
a) Seat / Node Locked

b) Concurrent / Float
3 types of features support

i) Direct features


Recording, Checkpoints, Output values, Data Table, Object Spy, Step Generator, Object Repository etc...

ii) Integrated tools from HP


Password encoder, Test Batch Runner, Test Result deletion tool etc...

iii) Integrated tools from others


MS Access Database for Database operations

VBScript engine for applying programming logic

MS Script Debugger for Debugging Tests
VII) Limitations of UFT:
a) It doesn't support UNIX/Linux/Solaris operating environments

b) It supports IE only for creating test tests

c) Supports VBScript only for enhancing tests

d) Challenges in Object Identification


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Excellent Reddy Garu. Thanks! Muzaffar

Mr. Reddy... You mentioned that in 2002 Mercury Interactive Corporation purchased Astra Quick Test (AQT) and made some changes and released it as QTP.... This is NOT true... Astra Quick Test was always part of Mercury Interactive. It was developed from scratch by Mercury Interactive themselves... It (AQT) was primarily aimed at Web based companies (Small to medium) companies who could not afford WinRunner. AQT started out supporting ONLY Web based AUT.

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Can we automate flex based application(Both Web and Standalone) using UFT?

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