Overview on Java

Overview on Java

I) Why Java for Selenium?

Selenium supports various computer programming and scripting languages for generating tests where as UFT (Formerly QTP) supports VBScript only.

Selenium supports various Computer programming languages and scripting languages, ex: C#, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby for generating Tests (particularly for enhancing Tests) then why we need to choose Java only?

• Selenium written in Java.

• Selenium platform independent, Java also a platform independent language.

• Majority of Users use Java in today's market, so that we can get good support for Selenium with Java.

II) Overview on Java

III) Java Environment Setup

IV) Java Program Structure
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I am going to attend an interview in a company which has financial applications like risk management, treasury, liquidity management applications. It is an automation test engineer role .can you please let me know what kind of questions are expected? can liquidity management application be automated? one example i can give is calypso.

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