Web Testing Interview Questions

Web Testing Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is web testing?

Checking web application functionality, Security, Usability, Performance etc.. with respect to Functional and Non-Functional Requirements.

2) What is a Web application?

Web application is Software application that uses a web browser as a client.

3) What are the two types of web applications?

There are two types of web application, One is Client side, another is Server side.

4) What are the different types of web application testing?

Web Testing is totally based on the requirements, but following are the standard test types on Web Applications:

a) Functionality testing
b) Usability testing
c) Compatibility testing
d) Security Testing
e) Database testing
f) Crowd testing
g) Interface testing
h) Performance testing
i) Availability testing etc...

5) What is web functionality testing?
Web functionality testing is used for:

Checking all the links of the web pages,
Forms testing (Field and Form validations),
Database testing,
cookies testing etc...

6) How to test the web forms?

Checking all fields (Size of Data, Type of Data and Range of Data) with respect to Requirements.

Checking Form submissions (entering all mandatory fields and submit)

7) What is Usability testing in web testing?
In usability testing, checking how easily end user can access the application.

Usability Testing main focus on:

Checking navigation, colors, Fonts, object alignments, meaningful help and error messages etc...

8) What is the difference between the static and dynamic websites?

A static website contains Web pages with fixed content where as in Dynamic web site content of the web pages change with respect to time.

In static website user cannot communicate with other and same information will be displayed to each user where as in dynamic website user may communicate with each other.


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