Selenium Step by Step Videos

       Selenium Step by Step Videos
1) Introduction to Selenium Part-1
(Overview of Selenium, Selenium suite of Tools, Selenium IDE Features, Selenium RC Features, Overview on Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid Features, and History of the Selenium Project)

2) Introduction to Selenium Part-2
(Environments supported by Selenium, Selenium License, Advantages of Selenium, Disadvantages of Selenium, Testing Frameworks and Other Tools integration with Selenium, Selenium vs. UFT, and Selenium Configuration)

3) Software Test Process
(Software Test Life Cycle or Software Test Process, Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution, and Test Closure. Test Plan documentation, Writing Test Cases, Collecting Test Data, and Defect Reporting)

4) Selenium Test Life Cycle
(Selenium Test Life Cycle or selenium Test Process, Selenium Test Planning, Writing Selenium IDE Test Cases, Writing Selenium WebDriver Test Cases, enhancing Selenium Test Cases using Java Programming, Executing Selenium Test Cases, and Reporting Defects.)

5) Java Programming for Selenium
(Overview of Java Programming, Java Modifiers, Data Types, Variables, Operators, Flow Control, Arrays, String Handling, File Handling, Exception Handling, and Methods. Java OOPS: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation.)
Selenium Tutorials
6) Introduction to Java
(Introduction to Java Programming Language, Uses of Java language, Java Syntax Rules & Coding Standards, Java Environment Setup, Write & Execute first Java Program, and Write Java Programs using Eclipse IDE)

7) Selenium Class 7 Video: Java Program Structure and Syntax

8) Selenium Class 8: Java Variables and Operators

9) Selenium Class 9 : Java Conditional and Loop Statements 

10) Selenium Class 10: Strings and Arrays in Java

11) Selenium Class 11: Input Output Operations and File Handling

12) Selenium Class 12: User Defined Methods in Java

13) Selenium Class 13: Built-in Methods in Java 

14) Selenium Class 14: Java Inheritance and Polymorphism 

15) Selenium Class 15: Java Abstraction and Encapsulation 

16) Selenium Class 16: Introduction to Selenium WebDriver 

17) Selenium Class 17: Web Elements and Element Locators 

18) Selenium Class 18: WebDriver Commands and Operations 

19) Selenium Class 19: Handling Elements in Selenium 

20) Selenium Class 20: Handling Elements in Selenium Part-2 

21) Selenium Class 21: Handling Elements in Selenium Part-3 

22) Selenium Class 22: Cross Browser Testing with Selenium 

23) Selenium Class 23: Writing Selenium Test Cases 

24) Selenium Class 24) Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-2

25) Selenium Class 25) Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-3

26) Selenium Class 26) Introduction to Selenium IDE

27) Selenium Class 27: Introduction to TestNG Framework 

28) Selenium Class 28: TestNG Framework in Selenium Part-2

29) Selenium Class 29: Data Driven Testing in Selenium

30) Selenium Class 30: Selenium Live Project  

Selenium Tutorial 1 Video

(Overview on Test Automation: Disadvantages of Manual Testing, Advantages of Test Automation, Disadvantages of Test Automation, Types of Test Tools and Overview on Functional Testing.

Overview of Selenium: Introducing Selenium, History of Selenium Projects, Selenium License, Selenium supporting platforms, Selenium Suite of Tools, Selenium versus UFT, and Frameworks and other tools used in Selenium.)

Selenium Tutorial 2 Video 
(Overview of Selenium Part-2: Frameworks used in Selenium, Advantages of Selenium, Disadvantages of Selenium, Choose selenium Tools and configure selenium.
Selenium Test Process: Test Planning, generating basic tests, enhancing test cases, Running & Debugging test cases, Analyzing test results and Reporting defects.
Java for Selenium -Overview -1: Java environment setup, Comments in Java, Data types, Variables, Flow control statements.)

 Selenium Tutorial 3 Video 
(Java for Selenium -Overview -2: Java Arrays, Java built in functions, Java User defined Functions, Exception handling, String handling, Java Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation, File handling and IO operations.

Java Environment Setup: Java environment setup, Java syntax rules and write first Java program.)
Selenium Tutorial 4 Video

(Java for selenium Part-1: Java program syntax rules and standards. Java sample program, writing java statements, conditional statements, Loop statements, Object calls and writing comments. 
Java comments, Java Data types and Java Variables Part-1.)
Selenium Tutorial 5 Video

(Java for Selenium Part-2: Java Variables Practical, Java Modifiers, Java Operators, Java Conditional Statements and Loop statements.
Java Access and Non Access modifiers, Java conditional, Arithmetic, Relational and Logical operators.
Java if statement, switch statement, for loop, while loop, do loop and enhanced for loop.)

Selenium Tutorial 6 Video

(Java for Selenium Part-3: Java Loop statements, String Handling in Java, Java Arrays, Java User defined methods part-1.
Java loop statements for loop, while loop, do loop and enhanced for loop.
Arrays in Java: Creating Arrays, Types of Arrays, Advantages & Disadvantages of Arrays.)

Selenium Tutorial 7 Video
(Java for Selenium Part-4: Java User defined methods , Java Built in Methods, and Exception Handling in Java.
Java User defined Methods: Creating Methods with returning a value, Methods without returning any value, Calling user defined methods.
Java Built in Methods: String methods, Array Methods, Number methods and character methods.)

Selenium Tutorial 8 Video 
(Java for Selenium Part-5: Selenium Tutorial explains Java Input & Output operations, File handling in Java, Java Inheritance theory.
Java Input operations using Scanner object and Output operations using System.out.println method.
Java File system operations using File class.) 

Selenium Tutorial 9 Video
(Java for Selenium Part-6: Java Inheritance Practical and  Polymorphism in Java. Types of Java Inheritance and examples. Java Method overloading and Method overriding examples for Polymorphism.)
 Selenium Tutorial 10 Video
(Java for Selenium Part-7: Java Object Oriented Programming System concepts- Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Interfaces.
Java Abstract classes, abstract methods and Java Interfaces.
Java Encapsulation using getter and setter methods. )

Selenium Tutorial 11 Video
(Selenium WebDriver: WebDriver fundamentals, Webdriver Environment setup, element locators and methods.
Creating Test cases using Element (Object) Locators, Selenium WebDriver methods and Java programming features.)

 Selenium Tutorial 12 Video
(Selenium WebDriver Part-2: WebDriver environment setup (Add webDriver jar files to java Project in Eclipse), WebDriver Element Locators (id, name, className, tagName, cssSelector, linkText, partialLinkText and xpath), and Selenium WebDriver methods (Browser methods, Browser navigation methods, element methods, and other methods).
Creating Tests or Test cases using Element locators and WebDriver methods.)

Selenium Tutorial 13 Video
(Selenium WebDriver Part-3: Selenium WebDriver Methods Part-2, WebDriver Test Case Examples.) 
Selenium Tutorial 14 Video
(Selenium WebDriver Part-4: Handling Elements in Selenium using element locators like id, name, className, tagName, linkText, partiallinkText, cssSelector and xpath. Creating test cases in Selenium using WebDriver methods, Element locators and Java programming features.)
Selenium Tutorial 15 Video
(Selenium WebDriver Part-5: Handle web tables, handle frames, working with multiple browsers and handling duplicate objects. Creating Test cases using Selenium Element locators, and web driver methods.
Download and install Selenium IDE, Selenium IDE features, Creating test cases, creating test suites and executing Selenium IDE test cases.) 

Selenium Tutorial 16 Video
(Selenium Tutorial explains Selenium IDE features, Creating & executing Selenium Test cases using selenium IDE.
TestNG Framework implementation, TestNG installation, Creating test cases and generating HTML test reports, Data driven testing and parallel test execution. )

Selenium Tutorial 17 Video
(TestNG Framework: TestNG Annotations, Executing multiple Java classes using XML file, grouping Test cases and Data driven testing using TestNG DataProvider annotation.
Creating Selenium Test cases using WebDriver methods, TestNG annotations and Java programming features.)

Selenium Tutorial 18 Video 
TestNG Tutorial for Selenium explains Creating Selenium Test cases using TestNG Annotations, Executing multiple programs using XML file, Parallel Test Execution, Grouping Test cases, Data driven Testing using Excel & Data provider Annotation.
Selenium project work, creating selenium Test cases using Element locators, Webdriver methods and TestNG Annotations.

Selenium IDE Tutorial
(Selenium Tutorial explains Selenium IDE download and installation, Selenium IDE features, record & run Selenium test cases.
Selenium IDE tool commands, cresting test cases manually, edit test cases, add comments, insert verification points and debugging test cases.)

TestNG Tutorial
(TestNG Tutorial explains creating Selenium test cases, grouping test cases, parallel test case execution, test batch execution and generating HTML test reports.)
Selenium Project
Java for Selenium

Java Tutorial 1 Video
(Java Environment Setup, Write first Java Program and Java Syntax.)
Java Tutorial 2 Video
(Comments in Java, Java Data Types, Java Modifiers, Variables in Java and Operators in Java.)
Java Tutorial 3 Video
(Java Conditional Statements, Java Loop structures, String Handling in Java, and Arrays in Java.)

Java Tutorial 4 Video 
(Java Arrays, Java User defined Methods, Java Built in Methods Part-1)
Java Tutorial 5 Video
(File handling in Java, Java Inheritance, Polymorphism and Java Abstraction)
Selenium Test Process

Cross Browser Testing

Overview of Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver Methods

Create Test Cases using WebDriver


Videos are very good,thank you so much,please provide videos for how to create data driven framework and keyword driven framework.

Your videos are are very good and informative. The notes too are very good and to the point. Request you to plz upload the notes for the above video.

Mr. Reddy,

Thank you for your videos and notes until Selenium Tutorial 8, may I request you to upload the notes from Selenium 9 onwards that would be further helpful. Thank you very much again for the videos, appreciate it.

selenium 7 th video not working can u plz help me sier

Now Selenium 7th Video also working, check it once.

div id="ma2"
input type="radio"
/input input type="radio"
/input input type="radio"
/input input type="radio"
/input input type="radio"
/input input type="radio" state="MAHARASHTRA">
/input input type="radio"/input
div //closing

my question is:
how to select radio button which contain attribute value "MAHARASHRA"
Note:Without using xpath

pls help me as soon as posible

sir can u please provide page object model videos

Thankyou sir, ur videos are amazing, even a novice can easily understand and become a pro.
Sir can u make videos on page object model n page object factory,
selenium grid.

Very good one, Can it be available with python ?

Respected Sir,
Today, most of the developers are using Angular JS. They are using ng's model. Please upload some videos to tackle with these type of elements.

Thanks a lot for all your videos. Seriously, you are the best teacher for selenium that i have ever seen on internet.

Your follower,

Really nice video Sir, now i can do some basic coding in Selenium . Thanks.

Also earlier i saw there were 96 videos but now seeing only 31, where i can find other videos.

Thank you Sir for taking this initiative to teach in such a clear way.

Hi Sir,

Can we use wrapper class in Selenium ? If So, can we have any example for that.

What is predicate in Java?

Thanks in Advance...

Hello Sir,
You are the best.I can't thank you enough for the Automation Selenium webDriver Videos and + Notes. Your Concise Teaching Technigue is the best i have ever come accross.

Videos are much helpful. thanks you Mr. Reddy.

hii sir
these 30 classes are enought for selenium cource right?

Yes, These 30 Videos are enough for Selenium Course, but 2 to 3 topics are pending, that I will upload later.

sir can you please make some videos on Mavens .

sir,i have experience on c#.please guide me where to find videos of "selenium with c#" combination

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Check the compatibility of InternetWebDriver , selenium webdriver & internet explorer version

Sir, Your tutorial is gem.
And you are GOD for poor people like me, who has no money to enroll for course.
Thank you soo much Sir, Thank you Soo much.

Hi Sir,
Can you please share Maven Framework video and Integrate Selenium Automation Results into ALM videos.

Thank you sir for your social responsibilities and helping nature........... iam very grateful and thankful sir

Hi Rashmi, Are you working in selenium with python??

I would like to join selenium tutorial.Can you please share your contact number

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im one of your student, can you please provide the video for Manual Test Plan and Automation test plan and Test Strategy . It may helps alot Sir

Excellent Reddy Garu, great work of course!! Never come across the videos like yours in life!! Keep it up the good work! Thanks a lot!

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