Manual Testing Brochure

Manual Testing Brochure

I) Overview of Software Testing

a) Manual Testing and Test Automation Fundamentals

b) Overview of Software Testing

    1) Test Levels
    2) Test Types
    3) Test Design Techniques
    4) Test Process/STLC

II) Overview of Software

a)    Software, Types of Software

b)    Software Project, Application and Product

c)    Software Business Process

III) SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

a)    Requirements Gathering

b)    Analysis & Planning

c)    Software Design

d)    Coding/Implementation

e)    Testing

f)    Release & Maintenance

IV) SDLC Models

a)    Sequential Models

        1)    Waterfall Model

        2)    ‘V’ Model

b)    Incremental / Iterative Models

       1)    Prototype Model

       2)    Spiral Model

       3)    Agile Model

V) Test Levels

a)    Unit Testing/Component Testing/Module Testing / Program Testing

b)    Integration Testing

c)    System Testing

d)    Acceptance Testing

VI) Software Environment

a)    I-Tier or Standalone Applications

b)    II-Tier or Client/Server Applications

c)    III-Tier or Web Applications

d)    N-Tier or Distributed Applications

VII) Test Types

a)    Functional Testing

b)    Non-Functional Testing

c)    Structural Testing

d)    Re & Regression Testing

VIII) Test Design Techniques

a)    Black box Techniques
    1)    Equivalence Partitioning/ Equivalence Classes (EP/EC)

    2)    Boundary Value Analysis (BVA)

    3)    Decision Table Testing

    4)    State Transition Testing

    5)    Use Case Testing

b)    White box Techniques
    1)    Statement Testing

    2)    Decision Testing

    3)    Condition/Multi Condition Testing

    4)    Mutation Testing

IX) Software Test Process / STLC

    a)    Test Strategy

    b)    Test Planning

    c)    Configuration Management

    d)    Risk Analysis

    e)    Test Design (Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Data)

    f)    Test Execution (Sanity Testing, Comprehensive Testing and Regression Testing)

    g)    Defect Reporting & Tracking

    h)    Status Reporting

    i)    Test Closure

X) Informal Testing

   a)    Exploratory Testing

    b)    Error Guessing


XI) Software Quality Standards

a)    ISO Standards

b)    IEEE Standards

c)    CMM/CMM (I) Process Guidelines

XII) Software Business Domains

a)    BFSI

b)    ERP

c)    Healthcare

d)    Telecom

e)    Ecommerce

f)    Others


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