Selenium Course Brochure

Selenium Course Brochure
(Total Duration: 65 Hours, Class Duration: Two Hours)
Important Modules
I) Java for Selenium
II) Selenium WebDriver
III) TestNG Testing Framework

IV) Real Time Project
SQL as Bonus

Selenium Online Training
Class 1: Introduction to Selenium Part-1   

• What is Selenium?
• History of the Selenium Project
• Selenium's Tool Suite / Selenium Components
• Platforms supported by Selenium
• Selenium License

Class 2: Introduction to Selenium Part-2

• Testing Frameworks and Other tools used in Selenium
• Selenium Environment Setup
• Advantages of Selenium
• Disadvantages of Selenium
• Selenium versus UFT (formerly QTP)

Class 3: Software Test Life Cycle

• Test Planning
• Test Design
• Test Execution
• Test Closure

Class 4: Selenium Test Life Cycle

• Test Planning
• Generating basic Tests
• Enhancing Tests
• Running & Debugging Tests
• Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects

Class 5: Java Programming for Selenium (Overview)

Java Fundamentals
(Data Types, Modifiers, Variables, Operators, Conditional & Loop Statements, String Handling, Arrays, File Handling, Built-in & User defined Methods, Exception Handling etc... )

Java OOPS Concepts
(Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation)

Class 6: Introduction to Java

• Introducing Java Programming Language
• Java Environment Setup
• Java Program Structure/Java Syntax

Class 7: Java Program Structure and Syntax, Java Data Types

• Documentation Section
• Package declaration Statement
• Import Statements
• Class declaration Statement
• main Method (Java Program execution starts from main method)
• Declarations
• Code blocks (Condition blocks, Loop blocks and Method blocks etc...)

Class 8: Java Modifiers, Variables and Operators

• Modifiers in Java (Access and Non-Access Modifiers)
• Java Variables (Local, Intance and Class/Static Variables)
• Java Operators (Arithmetic Operators, Relational Operators, Assignment Operators and Logical Operators)

Class 9: Java Conditional and Loop Statements

• Conditional Statements(if statement and switch statement)
• Loop Statements(for loop, while loop, do while loop and enhanced for loop)

Class 10: Strings and Arrays in Java

• What is String?
• Creating Strings
• Operations on Strings
• What is Array?
• Declaration of Arrays
• Operations on Arrays
• Advantages & Disadvantages of Arrays.

Class 11: Input & Output Operations and File Handling

• Input and Output Operations
• File Handling in Java
• Exception Handling in Java

Class 12: User defined Methods in Java

• Introduction to Java Methods
• Types of Methods
• User defined Methods
• Method without returning any value
• Method with returning a value.
• Calling Method by invoking Object
• Calling Method without invoking Object

Class 13: Java Built in Methods

• String Methods
• Number Methods
• Character Methods
• Array Methods etc...

Class 14: Inheritance and Polymorphism in Java

• What is Inheritance?
• Types of Inheritance.
• Inheritance Examples
• What is Polymorphism?
• Compile Time Polymorphism
• Run Time Polymorphism

Class 15: Abstraction and Encapsulation in Java

• What is Abstraction?
• Abstract Class
• Java Interfaces
• What is Encapsulation?
• Encapsulation Examples.

Class 16: Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

Features of Selenium WebDriver
• Drawbacks of Selenium WebDriver
• Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup
• Write First Selenium WebDriver Test Case.

Class 17: Web Elements and Element Locators

• Objects in Web Environment / Web Elements
• Inspecting Elements.
• Element Locators (id, name, className, tagName, linkText, partialLinkText, cssSelector, and xpath)

Class 18: WebDriver Commands and Operations

• WebDriver Methods on Browser(get(), getTitle(), getPageSource(), getCurrentUrl(), getwindowHandle(), close() and quit())
• Browser Navigation Methods and Options.(navigate().to(), navigate().back(), navigate().forward() and navigate().refresh())
• WebDriver Methods on Elements
• Other Methods

Class 19: Handling Elements in Selenium Part-1

• Handle Browser
• Handle Edit box
• Handle Text Area, Error Message, Window Dialog
• Handle Button

Class 20: Handling Elements in Selenium Part-2

• Handle Images (General Image, Image Button and Image Link)
• Handle Link
• Handle Radio Button
• Handle Drop down box
• Handle Check box
• Handle Web Table / HTML Table
• Handling inline Elements

Class 21: Handling Elements in Selenium Part-3

• Handle Frames
• Handle Mouse hover
• Handle Duplicate Elements
• Handle Multiple Browsers

Class 22: Cross Browser Testing with Selenium

• Download Browser drivers
• Write Test case and execute using Firefox Browser
• Execute Test case using Chrome Browser
• Execute Test case using IE Browser.

Class 23: Writing Selenium Test Cases

• Write Test Case for Login Functionality (Positive Test Case)
• Write Test Case for Login Functionality (Negative Test Case)
• Insert multiple Verification points.
• Dynamic inputs for Captcha fields.

Class 24: Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-2

• Write positive Test Case
• Write negative Test case
• Write a Test Case (Positive and Negative) without test data file.

Class 25: Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-3

• Write User defined Methods/Reusable components.
• Write Test Cases using Methods/Reusable Components.
• Write multiple Test Cases in a Program.
• Synchronization (What is Synchronization?, Why Synchronization and Types of Synchronization)

Class 26: Introduction to Selenium IDE

• Selenium IDE Features
• Drawbacks of Selenium IDE
• Record & Run Test Cases and Test Suites.
• Write Test cases using Element Locators and Selenese Commands.
• Debug Test Cases.

Class 27: Introduction to TestNG Framework

• Overview (TestNG Features and Advantages)
• Install TestNG and write First TestNG Test Case.
• Create multiple Test Cases and Run
• Execute multiple programs/classes using XML

Class 28: TestNG Framework in Selenium Part-2

• Executing multiple programs / classes using XML file
• Grouping Test Cases
• Parallel Test Execution

Class 29: Data Driven Testing in Selenium

• Download Excel jar and Add Excel jar file to Java Project in Eclipse.
• Read Test Data (String type) and perform Data driven Testing for Admin Login Functionality.
• Read Test Data (Integer type), Convert the data and perform Data driven Testing.

Class 30: Selenium Live Project Overview

• Overview of Live Project
• Understanding Admin Interface Requirements.
• Understanding User Interface Requirements. 
• Features to be Tested in Admin Interface.
• Features to be Tested in User Interface

Class 31: Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-1

• Identify Smoke Test Cases and Prepare Test Steps and Verification points for Admin Interface.
• Inspect Web Elements and identify unique locators
• Write Test Steps using Element Locators and WebDriver API Commands
• Enhance Test cases using Java Programming features and TestNG Annotations.

Class 32: Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-2

• Identify Smoke Test Cases and Prepare Test Steps and Verification points for User Interface.
• Inspect Web Elements and identify unique locators
• Write Test Steps using Element Locators and WebDriver API Commands
• Enhance Test cases using Java Programming features and TestNG Annotations.

Class 33: Cross Browser Testing, Batch Testing and Data Driven Testing.

• Executing Test Cases using various Browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and IE).
• Executing Series of Test Cases
• Data Driven Testing using Text and Excel files.

Class 34: Selenium Class Assignments Discussion
Special Classes on Saturdays 

Class 1: Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)

i) What is SQL?
ii) Database Management Systems
iii) Purpose of SQL
iv) Who should learn SQL?
v) Subsets of SQL
vi) Data Definition Language
vii) Data Manipulation Language
viii) Data Control Language
ix) SQL Syntax
x) SQL Language Elements (Data Types, Operators, Functions etc...)
xi) SQL Environment / Practice SQL

Class 2: Database Fundamentals, and SQL Language Elements

i) What is a Database?
ii) Table and Record
iii) What is DBMS?
iv) Types of Database Management System
v) SQL Language Elements
1) Identifiers
2) Data Types
3) Constants
4) Operators
5) Functions
6) Clauses
7) Expressions
8) Queries
9) Statements Etc...

Class 3: Data Definition Language

i) Overview of Database Technology
ii) Sub sets of SQL
iii) Instal MS SQL Server Express Edition
iv) SQL-Data Definition Language
v) Data Definition Language Commands
vi) Data Definition Language Operations
vii) Data Definition Language Practical
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