Selenium IDE Interview Questions

Selenium IDE Interview Questions

1) What is Selenium IDE?

• It is a Test Tool, used to Create and Execute Test Cases.

• It is Firefox plug in, works only on Firefox Browser.

• It provides Graphical user interface for Recording user actions using Firefox Browser.

• Firebug Add on is used to inspect elements.

• Selenium IDE should only be used as a prototyping tool.

2) What is the Test step Syntax?

Test Step in Selenium IDE Test Case:


Command + Target + value
Command - forms the functionality of the Test step
Target - Identifies the Element on the web page.
Value - Input data (This applicable only for few commands)


Type     id=Email     abcd123

3) What are the important features of Selenium IDE?

• It has Record and Playback features to create and execute Test cases

• User/Tester can type Test steps using element locators and Selenese commands without using Recording feature.

• Debugging feature for debugging test cases.

• It has an option of asserting title of every page automatically.

• Option to run single test or multiple tests(Test suite).

• It has a feature of exporting testcase/suite into different formats like C#, Java, Ruby, Python..

4) What are the Advantages of Selenium IDE?

• It is an open source tool (Free to use)

• Easy to install and use.

• We can edit recorded Test cases and insert comments.

• Tests recorded in IDE can be coverted into other languages like Java, C#, Python and Ruby..
5) What are the Disadvantages of Selenium IDE?

• Selenium IDE runs only on Firefox browser, it doesn't support other browsers like IE, Google Chrome, Safari etc...

• Selenium IDE can execute scripts created in selenese only.

• It does support Conditional and Loop statements to enhance Test cases.

• Reading from external files like .txt, .xls not possible.

• No object Repository, So no centralized maintence of objects/elements.

6) How to install Selenium IDE?

Steps to Download and Install Selenium IDE:
• Launch Firefox browser, download selenium IDE from the website.

• Firefox will protect you from installing add ons from unfamiliar locations, so we  will need to click "Allow" to proceed with the installation.

• Install multiple items to support Java, Ruby, Python etc... formats.

• Restart Firefox browser.

• After Firefox reboots then we can use Selenium IDE.

7) How to create Test cases using Selenium IDE?

Using Recording feature we can generate Test cases otherwise we can type Test steps using Element locators and Selenese commands.

8) What is the default format of Selenium IDE Test case?


9) What is the difference between "assert" and "verify" commands?

• When an "assert" command fails then test execution will be aborted.

• When a "verify" command fails then test will continue execution and logging the failure.

10) How to execute Selenium Test case step by step?

Using Breakpoints and Step command we can execute Selenium Test case step by step.

11) Can we edit Recorded Selenium IDE Test cases?

Yes, we can edit recorded Test cases, Add Steps, Delete steps, edit steps and Insert comments.

12) What is Selenese?

Selenium set of commands that run our Test is called Selenese.

There are three types of Selenese:
• Actions: They perform some operations like clicking a link or typing text in text box or selecting an option from drop-down box etc..

• Assertions: They verify that the state of application conforms to what is expected.. Ex: 'verify that this checkbox is checked', 'make sure that the page title is X'..

• Accessors: Checks the state of application and store the results in a variable.. Ex: storeText, storeTitle, etc..

13) What are the important Selenium IDE Commands or Selenese Commands?

Important Commands are:
Open, click, type, select, assertText, assertTitle, assertTextPresent, verifyText, verifyTextPresent, veriftTitle, waitForText, waitForTextPresent, waitForTitle, store, storeText, storeTitle, check, uncheck, pause, mouseover, etc...

14) How to export Test cases from Selenium IDE to Selenium WebDriver?

Open the Test case in Selenium IDE,

> File menu

> Save Test suite As

> Select the language you want to export your test and provide the name to save it.

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