UFT 12.51 New Features

UFT 12.51 New Features

UFT - Unified Functional Testing latest version UFT 12.51 released in September 2015. It supports Windows, Web and Mobile (Native and Hybrid) Applications. UFT supports Windows operating environment only, doesn't support UNIX and Macintosh etc... environments.

I) UFT 12.51 New Features

• UFT can now create Web test objects for the Web objects in our Mobile hybrid apps and in the HP Mobile Web app.

• Connect LeanFT to HP Mobile Center to test our mobile applications

• Run our LeanFT tests from ALM

• Test Java and SAP GUI for Windows objects in our AUTs

• HTML Report enhancements

• Object Identification Center and Application Model usability and performance improvements

• New supported environments: Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10, Eclipse Mars (4.5), Firefox 25-26

• Atlassian Bamboo support: UFT expands its coverage of continuous integrations by enabling you to run UFT tests on an Atlassian Bamboo server.

• Greater BPT testing capabilities: BPT in UFT is now more comprehensive and easier to use. You can do the following:

• Run a business process test with components (and their associated application areas) with different add-ins

• Ability for UFT to automatically convert a manual component to a scripted GUI or keyword GUI component

• Create a business component from a Sprinter XML Data file.

• Set the option for automatically promoting component parameters to test parameters from the Toolbox pane

II) UFT 12.51 Product enhancements

• HTML report improvements, with the ability to embed the report in the Jenkins plugin.

• New methods for Flex and SiebelOpenUI

• Support for DevExpress applications with new .NET Windows Forms methods.

• Ability to compile Delphi applications with unsupported compilers

III) UFT 12.51 New Technology Support

UFT now supports the following technologies and platforms:

• Updated support for the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.

• Microsoft Windows 10

• .NET Framework 4.6

• QT 4.8 applications built with Visual Studio 2008 or mingw gcc 4.8.2

• TE Attachment Reflection for UNIX open VMS 14.1

• TE Micro Focus Rumba 9.3

• TE Attachmate Extra! X-treme 9.3

• Flex 4.14

• SiebelOpenUI SIA

• DevExpress 10.1.5 and 15.1

IV) Minimum System Requirements to install and run UFT

• Computer Processor: 1.6 Ghz or higher

• Operating System: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (32-bit or 64-bit) or higher

• Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher

• Memory: Minimum of 2 GB when no more than three add-ins.

• Hard Disk Drive: 5400 RPM

• Free Hard Disk Space: 2 GB of free disk


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