Selenium Job Responsibilities

Selenium Tester Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities may vary from one company to another and one project to another, but I am covering this topic by considering several companies approaches.

Selenium Knowledge for Fresher or below 1 Year Experienced

• Basic Understanding of Functional and Regression Test Automation.

• Good knowledge on Selenium suite of Tools (Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid).

• Knowledge of Java Programming (Data Types, Variables, Operators, Flow Control Statements, Methods (Built-in as well as User defined), Exception handling, File Handling, Excel file Operations, Database Operations and OOPS concepts).

• Good knowledge on Element Locators, Selenese Commands, WebDriver methods.

• Idea on Test Automation Framework implementation

• Ability to create and execute Test cases using Selenium IDE and Selenium Webdriver.

I) 1+ Years Experience in Test Automation using Selenium

• Understanding Test Requirements and analyzing the Application under Test(AUT). 

• Generating Test Cases (Test Scripts) using Selenium Element locators and WebDriver Methods.

• Enhancing Test cases using Java programming.

• Debugging Test Cases and Fixing errors.

• Executing/Running Test Cases

• Defect Reporting & Tracking

• Test Reporting
II) 2+ years of Experience in Test Automation using Selenium

• Creating Test Automation Resources (Function Libraries etc...).

• Handling duplicate objects and dynamic objects using index property and Regular expressions.

• Collecting Test Data for Data Driven Testing.

• Creating Test Cases (Test Scripts) using Selenium Webdriver, Java and TestNG Annotations.

• Parameterization, Synchronization and define Test results.

• Debugging and Running Tests

• Analyzing Test Results

• Defect Reporting and Tracking using any Defect Management Tool.

• Test Reporting

• Modifying Tests and performing Re & Regression Testing.
III) 3+ years of Experience in Test Automation using Selenium

• Understanding and Analyzing the Application Under Test in terms of Object Identification.

• Creating Test scenarios and Collecting Test Data.

• Identifying end to end scenarios and code modularity.

• Implementing JUnit or TestNG Test Automation framework and developing automation infrastructure.

• Creating reusable components.

• Creating and enhancing Test Cases (Test Scripts) using Element locators, WebDriver methods, Java programming concepts and TestNG Annotations.

• Error Handling, Adding comments.

• Creating Data driven Tests and Running through framework.

• Cross Browser Testing (Executing test cases against various browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, IE and Safari etc...).

• Parallel Test Execution.

• Defining and exporting Test Results.

• Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects.

• Tracking Defects and Select Test cases for Re & Regression Testing.

• Modifying Test Automation Resources and Maintenance of Resources.
IV) 4+ years of Experience in Test Automation using Selenium

• Selecting or Identifying areas/test cases for Automation.

• Designing & Implementing Test Automation Strategy.

• Creating Automation Test Plan and getting approvals.

• Choose selenium tools and Configuring Selenium Test Environment (Ex: Eclipse IDE, Java, Selenium WebDriver and TestNG etc...).

• Creating, Organizing, and managing Test Automation Resources.

• Creating, Enhancing, debugging and Running Test Cases.

• Organizing, monitoring defect management process.

• Handling changes and conducting Regression Testing.

• Finding solutions for Object Identification issues and error handling issues.

• Co-coordinating Test team members and Development team in order to resolve the issues.

• Interacting with client side people to solve issues and update status.
Focus on:

> Test Automation Life Cycle.

> Verify Web Elements(Objects) using Firebug and Firepath Plug ins in Mozilla Firefox browser, if it IE or Google Chrome use built-in developer tools(Shortcut key F12).

> Create Test Cases using Element locators and Selenium WebDriver Methods.

> Enhance Test cases using Java Programming and JUnit / TestNG Annotations.



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