Selenium Real Time Interview Questions

Selenium Real Time Interview Questions

1) What are the Selenium Tools, and Testing framework that you are using in your Current Project?

We are using,

• Selenium WebDriver for Creating Test Cases.

• Java Programming for Enhancing Test cases.

• TestNG Testing Framework for Grouping Test cases, executing Test batches and generating Test reports.

Also used,

• Firebug and Firepath for inspecting elements.

• IE Browser driver, Chrome browser driver for Cross Browser testing.

2) What is your Project Operating environment?

Microsoft Windows 8.1

3) What is your project domain and Application Environment?

Our project is Banking Application,

Our AUT (Application Under Test) developed using Java Technology and Database is Oracle.

4) What are the major challenges in Functional Test Automation?

• Object Identification.

• Debugging Issues. etc...

5) What are the difficulties that you faced in Object identification?

Some Elements (Objects) not recognized properly using Selenium WebDriver Element locators.

6) How you conducted Data driven Testing in your project?

We conducted Data driven Testing using external Excel file as Resource, we added some third party excel jar files to Java Project in Eclipse.

7) How you conducted Batch Testing in your project?

We conducted Batch Testing using TestNG Testing Framework.

8) How you conducted Cross browser testing in your project?

Using Mozilla Firefox, IE and Google Chrome browsers(Downloaded IE and Google Chrome Browser drivers). we executed Test cases.

9) How you handled duplicate Elements in your project?

Using index property of Elements we handled duplicate objects.

10) How many Test cases you wrote for your Project/Module?

I prepared around 120 Test cases in my Module.

11) How many defects you detected and give one example?

I detected nearly 20 Defects in which 5 defects are Severe defects.

12) How you selected Test cases for Regression Testing?

We selected Test cases for Regression Testing based on Defect effected Test cases and from defect dependent Test cases.

13) How you organized your Test Automation resources?

14) Did you use any build management tool in your project?

We used Maven build management tool in our project.

15) How you handled errors in your Test scripts?

We handled errors in our Test Scripts using Java Error handling features.

16) Did you create any reusable components?

Yes, We created some reusable components in our project for Login Functionality, Registration Functionality etc...

17) Did you find any Test Scenarios that not to be automated in your project using Selenium?

Yes, We find some Some Test Scenarios in our Current project,

 Functionalities that require more user interaction,

Functionalities that require Dynamic test data submission.

18) How to execute multiple Java programs at a time?

We execute multiple Java programs using XML file in TestNG framework.

19) How to conduct parallel Test execution?

Usually We conduct Parallel Test Execution using Selenium Grid, but no parallel test execution in my Current project.

20) What Defect management / Test management tool you used in you project?

We are using Jira Test Management tool in our project with Selenium.

21) How you communicated with development team to resolve the issues.

We communicate Development team via Our Test Manager. 

22) Did you involve in Selenium Test environment Setup?

Yes, I involved in Selenium Environment Setup in my Current Project.

As per my project, we selected Java, Selenium WebDriver and TestNG Framework and Maven.

> We Downloaded Eclipse IDE  and Extracted.

> Downloaded Java Software and Installed.

> Environment Variable path setup.

> Downloaded Selenium WebDriver Java language bindings(jar files) and added to Java Project in Eclipse.

> Downloaded and Installed TestNG Framework from Eclipse IDE.

> Installed Maven build management tool.


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