Selenium Tutorials

Selenium Step by Step Tutorials

Module I) Test Automation and Selenium Basics

1) Overview of Test Automation

2) Test Automation Life Cycle

3) Overview of Selenium

4) Selenium Test Process

5) Java for Selenium (Overview)


Module II) Java for Selenium
1) Java Introduction

2) Java Environment Setup

3) Java Program Structure/Java Syntax

4) Comments in Java

5) Java Data Types

6) Java Modifiers

7) Java Variables

8) Operators in Java

9) Input and Output operations

10) Java Conditional Statements

11) Java Loop Statements

12) String handling in Java

13) Java Arrays

14) Java Built-in Methods

15) Java User defined Methods

16) File handling in Java

17) Working with Databases

18) Exception handling in Java

Java Object Oriented Programming
19) Java Inheritance

20) Java Polymorphism

21) Java Abstraction

22) Java Encapsulation

Module III) Selenium WebDriver
1) Overview of Selenium Webdriver

2) Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup

3) Element Locators in Selenium

4) Selenium Webdriver Methods part-1

5) Selenium Webdriver Methods part-2

6) Handle Elements in WebDriver Part-1

7) Handle Elements in WebDriver Part-2

8) Selenium Webdriver Test Case Examples part-1

9) Selenium Webdriver Test Case Examples part-2

10) Enhancing WebDriver Test Cases

11) Cross Browser Testing

12) Data Driven Testing

Module IV) TestNG Framework
1) Overview of TestNG Framework

2) TestNG Installation

3) TestNG Annotations and their Attributes.

4) Create and Execute Multiple Test Cases

5) Executing multiple programs using XML file.

6) Grouping Test Cases

7) Parameterization

8) Parallel Test Execution


Module V)  Selenium IDE
1) Overview of Selenium IDE

2) Create and Execute Test Cases

3) Enhance Selenium IDE Test Cases


Module VI) Selenium Grid
1) Configure Selenium Grid

2) Test Execution

3) Results Analysis

Module VII) Selenium Interview Questions
1) Interview Questions on Selenium Fundamentals

2) Interview Questions on Java for Selenium

3) Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions

4) Interview Questions on TestNG Framework

5) Interview Questions on Selenium Project

Module VIII) Selenium Resumes
1) Software Testing Fresher Resume.

2) Selenium 2 Years experience Resume

3) Selenium 4 Years experience Resume

4) Selenium Test Lead Resume

5) Software Testing 10 Years experience Resume

Module IX) Selenium Project

1) Understanding Test Requirements

2) Create Test cases using Selenium WebDriver

3) TestNG Framework Implementation


Module X) Selenium Related Topics
1) Maven

2) Jenkins



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