Introduction to Selenium

Introduction to Selenium

1) What is Selenium?

2) History of the Selenium Project

3) Selenium's Tools Suite

    Selenium IDE
    Selenium RC
    Selenium WebDriver
    Selenium Grid
1) What is Selenium?

• Selenium is a suite of software tools to automate Web Browsers.

• It is an Open source suite of tools mainly used for Functional and Regression Test Automation.

• Selenium supports various Operating environments.

MS Windows


Macintosh etc...

• Selenium supports various Browsers.

Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome


Opera etc...

Note: Selenium IDE supports Mozilla Firefox only.

• Selenium supports various programming environments to write programs (Test scripts)






2) History of the Selenium Project

• Selenium first came to life in 2004.

• In 2006, Selenium WebDriver was launched at Google.

• In 2008, the whole Selenium team decided to merge Selenium WebDriver with Selenium RC in order to form more powerful tool called Selenium 2.0

Selenium 1
(Selenium IDE + Selenium RC + Selenium Grid)

Selenium 2
(Selenium IDE + Selenium RC + Selenium WebDriver + Selenium Grid)
3) Selenium's Tools Suite

i) Selenium IDE

It is a Firefox browser plug in, used to create and execute Test cases.

Selenium IDE Features:

• Create Test Cases, Test suites (We can Record test cases or type Test steps using element locators and Selenese commands)

• Edit Test Cases

• Execute Test cases, Test suites

• Debug Test Cases.

• Enhance Test Cases

• Export Test cases to other formats (java, ruby etc...)

Note: selenium IDE Test case default format is .html
Drawbacks of Selenium IDE

• It supports Mozilla Firefox browser only.

• It doesn't support Programming logic/features to enhance Test cases.

• It doesn't support Data Driven Testing.

• It is not suitable for complex test case design.

• No centralized maintenance of Objects/Elements
ii) Selenium RC (* Out dated)

iii) Selenium WebDriver

• It is a Programming interface to create and execute Test cases.
Selenium IDE has IDE but doesn't have Programming interface

Selenium WebDriver has Programming interface but doesn't have IDE

UFT/QTP has both IDE as well as Programming interface
• Selenium WebDriver supports various programming environments to write programs.







• Using Element/Object locators/properties and Webdriver Methods we can create and execute Test cases.

• Selenium Webdriver supports various browsers to create and execute test case/test script/test

Note: Browser driver varies from one browser to another.

• Selenium WebDriver supports various operating environments

MS Windows


Macintosh etc...
Drawback of Selenium WebDriver

• It doesn't generate detailed Test Reports.

• No centralized maintenance of Object/elements
iv) Selenium Grid

• Selenium Grid is used to execute tests across multiple browsers, operating environments and machines in parallel.

• Selenium Grid 2 supports Selenium RC Tests as well as Selenium WebDriver Tests.
Focus on: 

i) Selenium WebDriver to create Test cases using element locators and Webdriver methods.

ii) Java Programming to enhance test cases.

iii) TestNG Framework to group test cases, execute test batches and generate detailed test reports.

Introduction to Selenium Part-2 Link


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