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Software Testing Live Project 5

Software Testing Live Project

Software Testing Live Project Video and Notes… 1) Project Information 2) Project Description 3) Stake holders of the Project 4) Interfaces of the Application 5) Features to be Tested in Admin Interface 6) Features...

Drawbacks of Manual Testing 0

Drawbacks of Manual Testing

Drawbacks of Manual Testing Software Testing can be done in two ways, a) Manual Testing Testing Computer Software manually without using any Automation Tool. Important Tasks in Manual Testing: • Testers derive Test scenarios...

Software Test Design Techniques 0

Software Test Design Techniques

Software Test Design Techniques 1) Introduction to Software Test Design Techniques 2) Static and Dynamic Test Design Techniques 3) Black box Test Design Techniques a) Equivalence Partitioning (EP) b) Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) c)...