Selenium WebDriver Videos

Selenium WebDriver Videos

Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 1

(Introduction to Selenium WebDriver: Introduction to Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Webdriver Features and Drawbacks of Selenium WebDriver. Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup, Create first Selenium Test Case in Eclipse IDE using Element Locators & WebDriver commands and Execute the Test Case) 
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 2

(Web Elements and Element Locators: Overview of Web Elements like Browser, Page, Link, Image, Button, Radio Button, Check box, Drop down box, and Frame. Introduction to Element Locators id, name, className, tagName, linkText, partialLinkText, cssSelector and xpath.) 
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 3

(Selenium WebDriver Commands and Operations: Practical examples for Browser commands, Browser navigation commands and commands for web elements. launch Browser, close browser, navigate to specified URL, navigate back, navigate forward, find element, sendkeys, clear, click and getText.)
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 4

(Handling Elements in Selenium Part-1: Handling Web Elements in Selenium using Element Locators and WebDriver API Commands. Handle Browser, handle Edit box/Text box, handle Text Area, handle Error message, handle Popup Window and handle Button.)
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 5

(Handling Elements in Selenium Part-2: Handling Web Elements/Objects using Element Locators and Selenium WebDriver Methods/Commands. Handle Image (General Image, Image Button, Image Link), Handle Link, handle Radio Button, handle Check box, handle drop down box and handle Web table or HTML Table.)
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 6

(Handling Elements in Selenium part-3: Handling Elements/Objects using Element Locators and WebDriver Commands. Handle Frame, working with multiple Frames, handle inline Elements, and working with Multiple browsers using window handles.)
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 7

(Cross Browser Testing with Selenium WebDriver: What is Cross Browser Testing?, Why Cross Browser Testing?, Popular Web Browsers, Working with different Browsers, How to conduct Cross Browser Testing with Selenium WebDriver?, Create Browser Drivers, and Create a Test Case and Execute using all popular Browsers.)
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 8

(Writing Selenium Test Cases: Writing Selenium WebDriver Test Cases using Element Locators, WebDriver Commands and Java Programming features. Practical examples for Selenium Test Cases, Generating Test Steps, Inserting verification Points and Exception handling.)
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 9

(Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-2: Writing Selenium WebDriver Test Cases using Element Locators, WebDriver Commands and Java Programming features. Writing Positive Test cases, writing negative Test cases and writing Test Cases for Data Driven Testing.) 
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 10

(Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-3: Writing Selenium WebDriver Test Cases using Element Locators, WebDriver Commands and Reusable components (Java User defined methods). Data driven Testing by reading Test Data from a Text file, Creating Test batches and Batch Testing.)
Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 11

(Batch Testing and Data Driven Testing within Batch Testing using Selenium WebDriver, Write Selenium Test Cases and Create Test Batches, and Execute Test Batches. Data Driven Testing by reading Test data from an external text file. Create a Test Batch with some normal Test Cases and one Data driven Test Case and conduct Data driven batch testing.)

Prerequisites for writing Selenium WebDriver Test Cases

i) Test Scenario or Manual Test Case

ii) Element Locators - To Identify or Recognize or Locate Elements / Objects

iii) Selenium WebDriver Commands / Methods - To Perform Operations on Elements

iv) Programming Features - To enhance Test Cases (Inserting Verification Points, Error Handling, Synchronization, Parameterization, and Adding comments etc...)

v) JUnit / TestNG Framework Annotations - To group Test Cases, prioritize Test Cases, Executed Test batches and generating Test Reports

Note: You can find Class Notes also for every Video in the Video Page (in Comments Section).
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