Software Testing As A Career

Software Testing As A Career

Important Activities in IT (Information Technology) Industry: 

Project Management

Business Analysis 

Software Development (Front-end and Back-end) 

Software Testing (Manual Testing and Automated Testing)  

Technical Support (Network Administration/System Administration) 

DBA (Database Administration)

 Software Maintenance

If you want to choose software testing as your career then you need to familiar with the following concepts.
I) Communication Skills

Customer Communication.

Team Communication

Presentation Skills

Writing Skills

II) Computer Fundamentals

Knowledge on Computer Operating Systems (MS Windows, UNIX, Macintosh etc...)

knowledge on Mobile device operating systems - Optional

Documentation skills ((MS Office, Star office(optional)).

Knowledge on Software Environments (Stand-alone, Intranet, Internet and Extranet).

III) Manual Testing Knowledge

Software Project life cycle

Ability to analyze Functional and Non-functional requirements

Test Levels (Unit, Integration, System and Acceptance Testing)

Test Types (Functional and Non-Functional Testing)

Test Planning

Test Design Techniques (Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary value Analysis, Decision Table testing, State transition testing etc...)

Test Design (Test Scenarios, Test Case and Test Data)

Test Execution (Sanity, Comprehensive and Regression Testing. Defect Reporting & Tracking)

Maintenance of Testing resources

Ability to track changes

IV) Database knowledge (Essential for Database Testing)

Database objects

Create new databases

Create new tables in a database

Insert records in a database

Update records in a database

Delete records from a database

Retrieve data from a database

Execute queries against a database

Data Integrity

Data Comparisons

Data backup and Recovery etc...

V) Programming knowledge (Essential for Test Automation)


Data Types




Conditional Statements

Loop Statements

Input and Output operations

Built-in Functions / Methods

User defined Functions / Methods

Working with Files

Working with Databases

Regular Expressions

Exception handling

OOPS concepts (Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation)

VI) Test Tools knowledge

UFT or Selenium or both UFT and Selenium for Functional and Regression Testing.

LoadRunner or any other Performance test tool knowledge for Performance Test Automation.

a) UFT (Formerly QTP) -(Functional and Regression Test Automation)

UFT Tool fundamentals


Creating Tests using either Object Repository or Descriptive programming.

Enhancing Tests using Tool features like Checkpoints, Output values, Data Table etc...

Enhancing Tests using VBScript features like Flow Control statements, Functions and Automation objects etc...

Parametrization, synchronization.

Creating Test Batches.

Debugging & Running Tests

Analyzing Test Results

Reporting Defects and Tracking Defects.

Regression Testing

Maintenance of Automation Resources.

b) Selenium (Functional and Regression Test Automation)

Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid Fundamentals

Java Programming (Core Java)

Create Test Cases

Enhance Test Cases

Run Test Cases - Batch Testing, Data Driven Testing, Parallel Test execution.

Cross Browser Testing.

Analyzing Test Results

Reporting and Tracking Defects (Defects Management)

Regression Testing

Maintenance of Automation Resources.

VII) Domain knowledge

BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance)

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)




Retail Market etc...
Defect management using Bugzilla or any other tool is essential.

Knowledge on Performance Testing using LoadRunner or any other tool is an added advantage.

Test Management (Defect Management is part of Test Management) using ALM or any other tool is an added advantage.

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