Software Testing Tasks

Software Testing Tasks

I) General Tasks

• Operating Computer Software and Mobile Software on various Operating Environments.


Computer Operating Systems - MS Windows, UNIX/Linux/Macintosh Etc...

Mobile Phone Operating Systems - Android, Windows OS, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS etc...

• Test Documentation (MS Office, Open Office etc...)

• Understanding and Analyzing Computer Applications and Mobile Applications.

Computer Software Applications

Desktop Applications, Web Applications (III-Tier) and Web Applications (N-Tier).

Mobile Software Applications

Native Applications, Web Apps / Web Applications and Hybrid Applications.

• Understanding Computer Networks

Stand-alone Environment

Intranet Environment

Internet Environment

Extranet Environment

• Understanding Software Application Business Operations (Domain Knowledge)

Ex: BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Telecom, Healthcare and Ecommerece etc...

• Understanding Database Operations (Knowledge on SQL)

• Understanding Software Application Environment (SAP, Java, .NET etc...)

• Understanding and Analyzing Test Requirements (Functional Test Requirements, Performance Test Requirements etc...)

• Risk Analysis

• Involvement in Test Environment Setup/Test Lab Setup

• Test Estimations in terms of Scope of the AUT, Available Resources, Time and Budget.

• Team formation

• Test Plan Documentation

• Configuration Management Planning


II) Manual Testing Tasks

• Understanding Test Requirements

• Test Planning

• Test Design (Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test Data)

• Test Execution (Smoke Testing, Comprehensive Testing, Defect Reporting & Tracking, Collect Test Metrics, Sanity Testing, Re & Regression Testing and Final Regression)

• Test Closure (Evaluating Exit Criteria, prepare Test Delivarables, Stop Testing)

• Software Release

• Software Maintenance.

III) Test Automation / Automated Testing Tasks

Functional and Regression Testing using any Test Tool like UFT or Selenium or RFT or SilkTest etc...

• Analyzing the AUT in terms of Object identification

• Select Test Cases for Automation

• Automation Test Plan

• Test Automation Environment Setup.

• Create Tests/Test Scripts/Test Cases

• Enhance Test Cases using Test Tool features or using Programming features.

• Running and Debugging Tests

• Analyzing Test Results

• Reporting Defects & Tracking Defects.

• Regression Testing

• Final Regression

• Maintenance of Test Automation Resources.

Note: In this Document, I mentioned some Important Software Testing Tasks only. 


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